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Can They Fix My Spine?
The Atlas Profilax

Atlas Profilax

I have read a lot about treatment of the atlas vertebra. The atlas is the vertebra that directly supports the scull. According the theory of atlas profilax specialists, the atlas is naturally twisted for 23 degrees to almost 100% of population. As a result, this dislocation is causing different health problems regarding the spine, but also other organs, since nerves comes out of the spines into organs. I said: OK, the theory sounds logical, let's try it. But...
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Bi-Phase Sleeping Pattern

The day is way too long for the most of the people to keep up the same pace. If you adhere only to monophasic sleep you will have at least one energy crisis during the day.
But what about splitting the working day into two parts?
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My BrainCast

My BrainCast self improvement program contains brainwave stimulating sounds and visuals, that helps you to achieve desired brainwave state, required for your self improvement. Sound stimulants are transmitting specially tailored binaural beat frequencies that tune your brainwaves to desired level. Visual stimulans are enhancing the experience to the new level. Check it now.
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New Life: Eagle's Second Birth

Eagle's Second Birth

There are phases in our life when we are pressured with burden of the past, to the point where we cannot go on. The only solution is to get rid of the past and start all over.
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Tenant's Survival Manual

Tenant Survival Manual

Being a tenant is very common way of living, especially if you are staying somewhere for a relatively short period, like few months even a few years. Following guides can help you avoid problem related to relationship with landlord.
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Get the Power Nap!Power Nap

A good sleep is crucial for productive day. But if a working day is too intensive, the nighttime sleep simply may not be enough. Maybe you need a break during a day? Why don’t you try the power nap?
Research has found that napping regularly may reduce stress and even decrease your risk of heart disease. To get the most out of power nap, follow these basic instructions.
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Sex DriveSex Drive

One day he walked the road and saw a beautiful woman...
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Circles of InfluenceCircles of Influnece

Our interaction with the world that we live in is related to areas of our activity, where we have certain level of influence on the outcome of events. Sometimes we control situation, sometimes we can partially influence development of situation, but sometimes we are helpless. It is true that we cannot choose every situation that we come across. Life can be very unpredictable. But in any situation we should not totally loose a compass.
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Exercises for Voice and PronunciationVoice and Pronunciation

Tone of your voice anddiction can bematter of inborn attributes, but still can be exercised and developed, just as any other skill. Here are set of different exercises and techniques that can help you to improve voice and pronunciation.
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Canadair Fights Fire

Canadair Fights Fire

What Happened to Dear Mr. Customer?

Customer Service

Customer service is something that everybody is talking about a lot. This segment of the business is becoming more and more important. There is a struggle for every customer in the market and every company is trying to get as bigger share as possible. But is it so?
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What Do You Need To Know About a Workplace?

WorkplaceJob is something that most of the people need to have, simply as a mean of earning for living. This should be something completely normal, since it is hard to expect that you will get something in life without giving something in return. The problem starts with the fact that job usually does not have a clear border, since it penetrates into private life in any possible way.
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Trusting Intuition

Trusting IntuitionThe intuition is very powerful and accurate weapon weapon. Research showed that volunteers showed right choice in 90 percent of choices during the test that required rapid conclusion and answering
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Constructing the Energy Pyramid Video

Construct Energy Pyramid Video

The Pyramid Energy has many applications and benefits. Find out why an how to make pyramid
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5 Reasons Why Not to Have a Lover

LoversAs attempt to reactivate the sexual life some people try to engage to parallel relationship with another person.

Is this a good solution? Is this smart solution? Is this moral solution?
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10 Laws of Friendship

FriendshipNew or long time friendship requires a certain form of behavior in order to preserve the long-life, so it is important to apply at least some of these ten laws of friendship so the final result is successful. It is not easy to be a good friend, but anyone with a little effort can improve friendly skills. And here's how!s...
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3 Tips For Successful Job Interview

Successful Job InterviewEvery individual that is looking for a job must find the way to be noticed and to be the best choice for potential employer. What are the assets that make the difference between the people who applied for a job and those that are hired? The successful job candidates are having these three characteristics...
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What Do You Need To Know About Energy Drinks?

Energy DrinksThe Energy Drink became the phenomenon of the modern age. Contemporary life style, that brought a demanding chain of obligation and daily activities for most of the people, is draining the energy from every individual. The solution for demanding and long lasting day is – the Energy Drink. Is it really so?
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Afternoon Nap

Afternoon NapThe afternoon nap is the one of solutions for breaking the day in two pieces and energizing the body and mind. The nap is usually taken in the afternoon, but not necessary. Basically, the nap is the short period of having a rest, where we are laying and resting for a period of say 30 minutes, with very short and shallow sleeping cycle.
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Mono Phase Sleep Pattern

Mono Phase Sleep PatternThe mono-phase sleeping is the most common sleeping pattern. It happens usually from late evening until morning. Most of the daily activities of this civilization are tailored in order to fit around it. Sleeping during the night is most normal time for sleeping.
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Secret of Sleeping

Secret of SleepingIt is good to exercise a different sleep pattern, in order to identify which way works the best for you. It is not important which pattern you will take, but is important that it suit to you. If you find some pattern that is not good for you, than do not use it. Experiment and identify what is the best method for you and reward yourself with healthy sleep and productive awaken time.
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Personal Development Vision

Personal Development VisionThe personal development vision is the place or state WHERE you want to be in mid to long term. The vision describe targeted position, image, status, financial welfare, health, skills or improvement of any other attribute that you want to achieve. The vision should be formulated in a SMART manner...
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How to Understand Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of NeedsWhat is our motivator? Basically, we have many needs in our life: health, money, family, social life, etc. We are trying to satisfy our needs in a best possible way. Any possibility to satisfy our need can be the motivation factor. For example: motivation for doing a job can be the money, since money can help in satisfying needs. But there could be other motivators for doing a job: socializing, learning, traveling...
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Positive Aspects of Negative Things

Positive Aspects of Negative ThingsIf you want to understand things better, you need to observe them from different angles. How can you truly understand value of something, if you do not know how to benchmark it with something else? if we experience bad thing, we will valuate positive things more. The negative thing can help us to calibrate our standards for values.
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Bloom's Taxonomy and Personal Development

Bloom's TaxonomyBenjamin Bloom proposed classification of learning objectives in 1956. The platform is officially named as Bloom's Taxonomy. The purpose of this classification was created in order to improve communication between educators on designing the development curriculums in different areas.
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What is Personal Development?

What is Personal DevelopmentUnderstanding of importance of personal development is only beginning of the journey. This journey does not have final destination, but it has direction and milestones. The personal development is never finished, since we can always progress in every direction.
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How to Build a Personal Development Plan?

How to Build a Personal Development PlanBefore commencing with building of personal development plan it is important to truly understand why personal development is important. Also you must really understand your real personal development needs. These two steps of pre-work will give you better understanding about where and why to focus.
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18 Life Fulfilling Tips by Dalai Lama

18 Tips by Dalai LamaAt the beginning of the millennium, the Dalai Lama published eighteen rules for successful and happy life. These rules can be applied by anyone and anywhere, with just a little effort, regardless of the personal belief system, religion, education, age, etc. So, here they are...
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Did We Reach the Limit of the Brain Power?

Exploring OpportunitiesThe brain function and the brain capacity depend on many factors. Probably it is not all about anatomy limitation etc. The science should explore other fields as well such as meditation, brain wave therapy and atlas subluxation treatment. ...
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How to Understand Your Personal Development Needs?

Understanding Personal Development NeedsIf you need a new car, if you can afford it, if you can afford devaluation and you have no better idea what to do with your money, than you should buy a new car. But buying a new car requires smart thinking. There are some questions that need to be answered.
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MyselfWhy is Personal Development Important?

Personal DevelopmentUnderstanding of importance of personal development is only beginning of the journey. This journey does not have final destination, but it has direction and milestones. The personal development is never finished, since we can always progress in every direction. Only conscious intention and serious devotion can lead to real progress in Personal development.
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My MeditationHow to Meditate? - Mental Screen Meditation

You can use your mental screenfor many purposes. You can mentally train the sport techniques. You can learn the school lessons. You can rehearse the business presentation, prior to the meeting. If you have a certain problem, try to visualize it on your mental screen. Try to find the root cause of the problem.
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MyselfWhat is Personal Development?

What is personal development, looking from end to end? The PD term is self explanatory, since it obviously addressing the issue of understanding personal development needs, building of personal development plan and conducting the certain activities toward self improvement. All these quotations are absolutely true. Still, it is necessary to truly understand all dimensions and depths of PD.
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MyselfSources of Motivation

Did you ever asked yourself why is sometimes difficult to accomplish some task, even if the prize is good? On the other hand sometimes you are able to do something very hard and for long time, even you will not have direct material benefit. The way of approach to some task depends of a many factors; skills, experience, energy level, time of a day, etc. But one of the most important factors is – the Motivation.
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