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About My Introspective


Wisdom is accumulated knowledge and experience that help us in decision making in our life. Being wise is the same as being rich. If you earn,  accumulate and invest money, you are wealthy. Otherwise you are poor. If you gather and apply knowledge and experience you are wise. Otherwise you are fool.


Have you ever wondered how deep the ocean is? Have your wandered how high the stars are? Have you ever wandered where the wind comes from and where it goes?

I am aware that these questions are not often asked. But I also wonder do you think about questions like: What is the limit of my mind? How well do I know my potentials? Who am I? What is the best path for my well being? What to do to be financially independent? What should I do next? Why should I do it? Is there any alternative?

I am sure that most of the people will rather not bother about such personal questions, because these questions are often bringing more new questions than answers. We are all trained during our education and professional training  how to do our job well. But, the formal education gives us a little clue about ourselves and questions previously mentioned.

Simply, we are not prepared to look into ourselves since we do not know how to look, how to learn, how to judge and how to improve ourselves. In the school we learn about everything else, but nothing about ourselves. 

Looking into yourself requires a tools. For example, if we want too look into your face, to check how you look like now, you use the mirror. So the mirror is the tool. If you want to look deeper into yourself, you will need some tools.

I will try to help you to look deeper into your self, to explore and develop yourself. I will give you the tools that will help you to explore your mind and body. I will give you the tools that will help you to be more healthy and wealthy. I will give you the tools that will charge you and guide you.

This will require some time and patience from you to learn and develop yourself. As every journey begins at some point, let this point be your first step ahead. Good luck and happy journey to your personal exploration and development trip.


Sincerely yours,


Laurus Nobilis                                                                                                      August 2008




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