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BrainwavesGuided Meditation

Posted Jun 2011

Do you want to practice successful meditation? Do you have problem with busy mind that prevent you from successful meditation? Do not worry; Guided Meditation program will help you.

We all know that meditation is one of the best things to the human mind and body. The meditation is calming the whole being and recharging it. Meditation helps the regeneration of physical and mental energy. Meditation generates nourishing states of well-being, obtain the clarity and insight. But very usual problem for beginner and intermediate mediators is that they have the problem of tuning themselves to the meditative state.

Probably you want to learn to meditate, but your mind seems to be very busy. It must be difficult for you to settle down and relax. You should not worry. Simply put on your headphones and let soothing Theta waves calm your nervous system and quiet your mind. This Guided Meditation is Brain Sync classic that managed to help thousands of people to explore and experience meditation.

Guided MeditationThe Guided Meditation will guide you to create an inner sanctuary, a place where you can go to regenerate the very core of yourself. Your body will begin to relax as your mind transcends daily clutter. Negative thoughts will be swept away by brilliant flashes of insight and understanding. You may feel as though you are gliding on beams of light as your soul soars to the highest ethers of universal knowledge and creativity.

The Guided Meditation will bring many benefits like feelings of wholeness and well-being.  You will feel oneness with the cosmos, timelessness and vivid imagery. You will achieve the states of higher creativity and greater clarity of thought. You will achieve more peaceful states of mind as well as enhanced ability to concentrate.

The easiest way of applying stimulus to the brain is via ears or eyes. Since humans cannot hear sounds low enough to be useful for brain stimulation, special techniques must be used. One such special technique used is called binaural beats.  

On Track One you are guided to create your own, special inner sanctuary – a place where you can go to create states of being that nurture your sense of self, your creativity and the dynamic expression of your power in the world. Theta waves will transport you to the depths of meditative state. As your mind transcends daily clutter, you’ll feel nourished at the deepest levels. Track Two is providing 30-minutes of Theta waves and music so you can practice the meditation at your own pace.

This is clinically proven method that balances right and left hemispheres of the brain to produce the remarkable mental state known as Hemispheric Synchronization. A special feature of brain wave technology is the use of scientific researched frequencies called Window Frequencies, which brings you to narrow biological windows, in order to impact the body at a cellular level. Listeners say they can actually feel their meditation on a physical level.

Cumulative benefits of Guided Meditation are improved ability to concentrate, increased creativity, greater clarity of thought, enhanced access to emotions and heightened states of well being.
Listen at a time when you will not be disturbed. Place yourself comfortably with your spine straight. This will allow your natural channels of energy to open and flow freely. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. For maximum long term benefits, listen daily for a period of six to eight weeks. To experience the brain optimizing effects of this program listen with headphones.

  • Delta brain waves slowest range of frequencies. They oscillate between 0 and 4 Hz. Delta waves are occurring during the deepest sleep. Delta state is present during coma state or during the anesthesia.

  • Theta brain waves are related to dreams, deep relaxation and daydreaming. The frequency of theta brain waves is between 4 and 8 Hz.

  • Alpha brain waves are associated to brain state during practicing a different mental disciplines. The meditation precisionists were tested with EEG equipment and it was shown that their brains are tuned to alpha state. Also the meditation precisionists can shift to theta brain state. The alpha brain state is taking the range between 8 and 14 Hz.

  • Beta brain waves are associated to wakefulness, reasoning, analytical activity, problem solving, etc. All emotional states like stress, joy, pain, fear or jealousy are occurring when the brain in the beta state. Beta brainwaves are taking the range above 14 Hz.




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