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Brainwaves Effects and Applications of Brain Entrainment

Posted Jul 2008

Applying a stimulus to the brain will eventually bring the brain's state closer to the stimulus frequency.

Applying a stimulus to the brain will eventually bring the brain's state closer to the stimulus frequency. This topic describes some possible effects achievable by this.

Just passively listening to binaural beats does not necessarily alter your state of consciousness. For example, willingness and ability to relax and focus attention affects how effective the binaural beat stimulus is for inducing state changes.


Helping in Meditation

Meditation is essentially about willingly being able to alter one's brain frequency to a desired state. While meditators have traditionally used several years to learn the techniques of meditation, you can now attain the same effect with brainwave entrainment. No special training or great discipline is required. Good meditation frequencies are in the alpha range, from 8Hz to 13Hz.

When a certain brainwave state is experienced and practiced over a period of time, the brain will "learn" the state change and it will become easier to self-produce the desired brainwave state at will. Thus, using brainwave entrainment, you can expect to get some of its effects later even without any external stimulus.


Reducing Learning time

The theta state (4Hz–7Hz) has been found to increase learning capabilities. In fact, children spend more time in theta state than adults, which probably explains the accelerated learning capabilities of children.

Alpha frequencies are also useful for learning purposes. You can play language cassettes, subliminal tapes, etc. during an entrainment session for a maximum effect.  


Treatment of certain mental diseases

Brainwave entrainment is used in treatment of depression, low self-esteem, attention deficit disorder, drug and alcohol addiction and autism, to name a few.

Brainwave entrainment has also been found helpful in alleviating headaches and migraines.


Reducing Your Needs For Sleep

Some people have found that half an hour a day of the Theta state can replace up to 4 hours of sleep. This is because during "regular" sleeping pattern, your induction to Theta state takes much longer than while you are listening the Brainwave Podcasts


Assistance During Your Work

You will agree that your mood varies during your work. Sometimes you are eager to work, sometimes everything is too difficult for you. Sometimes you are full of energy, but sometimes you are too weak to do anything.

Many factors influence your energy level and your working capacity. From your nutrition, sleeping habits to way how you work. But above all it depends of your brain state. If your brain is not "tuned" for work, you will probably not be too productive during your work.

I was using my Brainwave Podcast Entrainment very frequently, during my work on my web sites and believe me, it helped me a lot. Especially since my work was exhausting me during a day, without leaving me enough strength and concentration for work on my web sites at the evenings. But with the Brainwave podcasts I was able to power up and concentrate on my work.


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