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BrainwavesHow to Build a Self Confidence and Create Success?

Posted Jun 2011

How to build a self confidence and create success in life? Learn how to fight subconscious obstacles that prevent you from obtaining success.

How to build a self confidence and create success in life is important question for every individual. Whatever we do we want to succeed in what we intent to achieve. It is obvious that nobody likes to work on something that will not succeed. But everybody fails sometimes to complete what was started. No matter how good we prepare, no matter if we meet all preconditions, we happen to fail, from time to time.

This is absolutely frustrating. Imagine long and tedious preparations for the exam that follows by fail. Imagine the painting that turns not to be what was the originally planned. Even with all preparation we happen to fail. So why do we fail?

The part of the explanation can be found in the sub-consciousness. Sometimes we possess mental blockages that prevent us from the success.  We need to reprogram our mind in order to set the subconscious intention to success instead to failure.

Positive thoughts are producing positive results. The only problem is that some of our most persistent, self-defeating beliefs are stored deep in the unconscious, where they have the power to undermine our happiness and sabotage our success. Now you can effortlessly change those negative beliefs to produce the results you want.

Create SuccessThe Create Success program will help you to increase charisma and self-esteem, overcome inner and outer obstacles. It will help you to initiate "Big Picture" thinking. The most important, you will eliminate self-sabotage, by re-programming your subconscious mind.

You already have all you need to succeed. The secret to your success comes from within you. The thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold, have the power to make or break your chances for success. Sometimes it might seem that no matter how hard you try to succeed there is always something stopping you or holding you back from achieving your dreams.  This is because many self-sabotaging mechanisms reside in the subconscious and are completely unconscious, yet they undermine your intentions to succeed.

Create Success eliminates self-sabotage and negative thinking through bypassing the conscious mind and imprinting new self-empowering beliefs—beliefs that will trigger remarkably higher levels of success and achievement. Through repeated listening, your subconscious will accept the messages on this program as true. In the days and weeks to come you can expect significant positive changes: You’ll feel more creative and self-assured, you’ll take an active role in creating your own success, and you’ll probably take a few more risks in your life.

The easiest way of applying stimulus to the brain is via ears or eyes. Since humans cannot hear sounds low enough to be useful for brain stimulation, special techniques must be used. One such special technique used is called binaural beats.

As your confidence grows, new possibilities will appear and obstacles will dissolve. You may even notice an increase in opportunities that you are facing. When you allow the unlimited power of your subconscious to work for you, anything is possible.

The Create Success programg contains different subliminal messages. Some of them are:
• I believe in myself
• My talents are in demand
• I am recognized, I am lucky
• I attract opportunities for abundance and success
• I get all the help I need
• I am a success, I share my wealth
... and many more.

This Create Success Brain Wave Subliminal has two tracks. Both contain the exact same subliminal messages. You can listen two ways. Listen to both tracks anywhere or anytime over your stereo system. While you won’t consciously “hear” the subliminal messages, they will be received and absorbed by your subconscious.

Listen to this program every day for six weeks. Be on the look-out for “coincidences” and acknowledge even the smallest synchronicities as they occur.  Once your subconscious has fully absorbed and integrated the subliminal messages, reality conforms to what your subconscious mind believes. The results are profound.

  • Delta brain waves slowest range of frequencies. They oscillate between 0 and 4 Hz. Delta waves are occurring during the deepest sleep. Delta state is present during coma state or during the anesthesia.

  • Theta brain waves are related to dreams, deep relaxation and daydreaming. The frequency of theta brain waves is between 4 and 8 Hz.

  • Alpha brain waves are associated to brain state during practicing a different mental disciplines. The meditation precisionists were tested with EEG equipment and it was shown that their brains are tuned to alpha state. Also the meditation precisionists can shift to theta brain state. The alpha brain state is taking the range between 8 and 14 Hz.

  • Beta brain waves are associated to wakefulness, reasoning, analytical activity, problem solving, etc. All emotional states like stress, joy, pain, fear or jealousy are occurring when the brain in the beta state. Beta brainwaves are taking the range above 14 Hz.




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