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How to Meditate? - Visualization Meditation

Learn how to meditate the visualization meditation. Find the way to strengthen your visualization ability.

This meditation is similar to introspective meditation, since you are focusing not on real physical objects, but to objects created within your mind. Prepare yourself for meditation in the same way as explained in introspective meditation. Relax with the breathing counting.
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Are You Being Hypnotized?

Have your ever been hypnotized? Probably yes, many times. Hypnosis happens much often than you think.

The hypnosis is very common way of communication and relation between people. That type of communication is much more common that most of the people could think. The hypnosis rapport is not something exclusively related to hypnosis sessions between hypnotist and the patient. Increased suggestibility can be found almost everywhere. Increased suggestibility is occurring in awaken state, even without hypnosis. This type of "hypnosis" is very often in everyday life.
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Intuition: The Sixth Sense

What is the intuition? How is intuition affecting or life? Can intuition, as your sixth sense, be developed?

Suddenly you feel that you shouldn't accept that job, although you do not know where that feeling comes from. You think about some person; shortly after that person calls you. You know that your child is in some kind of trouble, but you do not know at what kind of trouble. Did you ever have such feelings?
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You Are The Future Millionaire

Can you be a millionaire? Find out what are the obstacles on the way of becoming the millionaire.

It is up to you to decide whether you are planning to be homeless or millionaire. The banks are aware that we are potential millionaires. This is why they try so hard to steal these millions from us.
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3 Levels of Human Mind

What are the levels of human mind? What is the relation of different levels of human mind?

Human mind is a very complex entity. Sometimes we think about one thing, while doing something completely different. Sometimes we do something, without thinking. This lack of alignment within personality is caused by the fact that human mind is working in different levels that are related, but they are sometimes in conflict.
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Energy Pyramid

Pyramid energy is known for many different effects that can produce. Learn how to use energy pyramid to sharpen razors, preserve food, purify water etc...

First you need to construct your own energy pyramid. Use instructions of how to make pyramid. Once you build your energy pyramid you can start experimenting.
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Mental Screen Meditation

You can use your mental screen for many purposes. You can mentally train the sport techniques. You can learn the school lessons. You can rehearse the business presentation, prior to the meeting. If you have a certain problem, try to visualize it on your mental screen. Try to find the root cause of the problem.
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How to Motivate Yourself?

Motivation get thing into motion. We need motivation for everything that we do. Why is sometimes so difficult to find motivation? Learn the good tricks for boosting and maintaining your motivation.
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"Ask Not What Can You Do For Your Country, But Ask What Your Country Can Do for You"

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