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My IntrospectiveMy Introspective


My Introspective 2009 Articles


Pyramid Power - Jul 2009
Disclosing Pyramid Energy - Jul 2009
Pyramid: Giant Orgone Energy Accumulator - Sep 2009
Orgone, Ki, Chi, Prana ... Or Simply The Life Force - Nov 2009
The Power Of Chakras - Nov 2009
Awaking The Life Force Energy - Dec 2009
Pranayama - Breathing Techniques - Sep 2009
Human Growth Hormone - HGH Effects - Jan 2009
Natural HGH Hormone - Jan 2009
Coping With Stress - Sep 2009
Feedback: Face to Face - Sep 2009
What Is Stress? - Oct 2009
Headache Relief - Oct 2009
Hypertension: High Blood Pressure - Oct 2009
Insomnia: Sleeping Disorder - Oct 2009
Stress Symptoms - Oct 2009
Nutrition For Good Health - Oct 2009
How To Suppress The Appetite? - Nov 2009
Cause Of Obesity Epidemic - Nov 2009
Definition Of Stress - Nov 2009
Speed Up Your Metabolism - Nov 2009
Hypotension: Low Blood Pressure - Dec 2009
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How to Meditate? – Muscular Meditation - Aug 2009
How to Meditate? – Introspective Meditation - Aug 2009
How to Meditate? – Visualization Meditation - Aug 2009
How to Meditate? - Mind Power Meditation - Sep 2009
How to Meditate? - Problem Solving Meditation - Sep 2009
How to Meditate? - Healing Meditation - Sep 2009
How to Meditate? - Secret Place Meditation - Sep 2009
How to Meditate? - 5 Golden Rules Of Meditation - Oct 2009
How to Meditate? - Mental Screen Meditation - Oct 2009
Becoming Consultant - Jan 2009
3 Levels of Human Mind - Jun 2009
Hypnotherapy - Jun 2009
Formal Education and Personal Development - Jun 2009
Alpha Female Earns More Than Other Female - Jul 2009
Feel the Biorhythm - Jul 2009
Biorhythmic Alignment of Partners - Jul 2009
Free Biorhythm Calculation - Jul 2009
What Do You Need To Know About Biorhythm Cycles? - Aug 2009
Biorhythm Compatibility Chart - Aug 2009
Determine Your Favorable Biorhythm Period - Aug 2009
Hypnosis Characteristics and Phenomenon - Aug 2009
Are You Being Hypnotized? - Aug 2009
Wakefulness, Dreams and Hypnosis - Sep 2009
Self-Education: Active Learning - Sep 2009
Intuition: The Sixth Sense - Oct 2009
Passive Income - Jan 2009
Loans: Better Think Than Sorry - Apr 2009
Personal Work Monetization - May 2009
Absolute and Relative Income - Jun 2009
Mind and Money - Jun 2009
Marketing Conspiracy Theory - Aug 2009
Spending Habits: Can You Control It? - Sep 2009
Financial Wisdom - Oct 2009
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Brain Wave States - Sep 2009
Entering The Alpha Waves Brain State - Oct 2009

Disclosing Pyramid Energy

What is the relationship between pyramids, orgone and negative ions? How does pyramid energy mechanism works?

Basically, pyramid has crystal shape. The shape of the pyramid is accumulating the energy of the surrounding, whether that is the sun energy during the day, moon energy during the night or the energy below pyramid. The energy is accumulated at the 1/3 from the bottom of the pyramid. Life energy, bioenergy, prana, chi or orgone are different names for the energy that integrate all life in the universe. Orgone is associated with high concentration of negative ions. The water is the medium of transfer of negative ions and orgone in the nature...
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Orgone, Ki, Chi, Prana ... or Simply the Life Force Energy

What is the orgone, ki, chi, prana or life force energy? How can you awake the life force energy?

Proper breathing is powering up the whole body. The normal breathing is the reflex that we have as we are born. If you observe small children you will notice that they breathe deep and fully. While we are growing we are forgetting to breath fully...  
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The Power Of Chakras

What powers are channeled through chakras? What is the influence of energy flow through our chakras?

All chakras are participating in the network of prana channeling. If one chakra is blocked than the whole body is suffering. The illness may appear at one place, but in fact the whole body is ill. If the blockage of one chakra is lasting for a long time, the organ referring to that chakra may be ill...  
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Human Growth Hormone

What is the Human Growth Hormone? What is the function of the Human Growth Hormone? How can you stimulate your Human Growth Hormone production?

The HGH play important role in many segments of our life. The HGH effect is beneficial for our muscle mass, fat level, bone density, skin shape, memory, heart, immune system, vitality, mood etc. In fact it is easier to mention what the Human Growth Hormone does not affect...
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Headache Relief

What are natural remedies for headache? Why should you use medications as last option?

When you have a slight headache you should not take medication immediately. Taking medication for even a slightest headache is not for your body for two reasons...  
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Insomnia: Sleeping Disorder

What is insomnia? What are the main types of insomnia?

The chronic insomnia is the most serious state of sleep disorder. It can be persistent for a period of months or even years. It can totally ruin the person's life in every sense...  
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How to Meditate? - Healing Meditation

Learn how to meditate the Healing Meditation. Learn the ancient Ninja healing technique.

There is the legend that ancient ninja warriors had developed self-healing meditation that used to help them to recover from wounds or illness. Ninja warriors were undertaking usually dangerous assignments, during which they were exposed to the risk of injury. If injured, the ninja would first escape from pursues and hide to the safe place. Once hidden, they would perform a healing meditation...  
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3 Levels of Human Mind

What are the levels of human mind? What is the relation of different levels of human mind?

Human mind is a very complex entity. There are three levels of the human mind: Unconscious mind, Subconscious mind an Conscious mind....  
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Entering The Alpha Waves Brain State

What is the alpha wave brain state? How can you consciously induce the alpha wave brain state?

Alpha level can help you to expand the frontiers. Once you master conscious entering and staying in alpha brainwave state, you can use it for various purposes. Regardless is your goal to relax, learn, analyze, and improve or something else, by using the alpha state you will be able to do it much better....  
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