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My IntrospectiveMy Introspective


My Introspective 2010 Articles


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Financial Trap: Borrowing Money - Jun 2010
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Inflation is Coming - Invest Into Gold - Oct 2010

How to Make a Pyramid?

The Pyramid Energy has many applications and benefits. Find out why an how to make pyramid.

Despite the fact that official science is not recognizing pyramid power, while following the rule "If you do not understand something, simply deny it!", you can still build your own pyramid and prove your self of existence of the Pyramid Energy and pyramid effects...  
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Seven Reasons Why to Quit Smoking

Why to quit smoking? Learn seven important reasons that will encourage smokers to finally leave their bad habits.

Learn seven important reasons that will encourage smokers to finally leave their bad habits...  
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Personal Change Management

What is the affect of changes in your private and professional life? How to live changes successfully?

Change Management is the buzzword that is frequently used in the business environment. Changes are happening all the time in every business. What is enough today may not be enough tomorrow. The top notch technology of today may be obsolete even tomorrow. Therefore, every company needs to adopt quickly in order to keep up the pace with the changes. So, if this is the case with the companies, than what about the individuals?
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Learning To Let Go

For how long can we keep things in our life? When is the time to let go something from our life?

Let go the things. Do not pile up the junk in your house. Throw the old clothing, papers, furniture and other stuff that you do not need. Do not try to find the purpose for the things that have no purpose to you...  
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Wisdom Does Not Necessarily Come With Age

What is the wisdom and how can you earn it. Are you wiser than someone only because you are older?

The wisdom does not come necessarily with the age. The ability of being wise is not directly related to aging, but to what we experience and how we perceive, memorize and use this experience in the future. Ability to accept changes is very important for the making wise decision...  
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How to Motivate Yourself?

Why is sometimes so difficult to find motivation? Learn the good tricks for boosting and maintaining your motivation.

Motivation get thing into motion. We need motivation for everything that we do. Learn the good tricks for boosting and maintaining your motivation....  
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Lottery, Sweepstakes and Other Tax on Fools

Who is the party who wins on lottery or betting? Definitely that is not you.

If you win $1.000.000 on lottery you will not have the whole sum in one piece. After all deductions, if you are lucky, you will have half of what you “won”... 
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