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My EnergyHow to Make a Pyramid?

Posted Jun 2010

The Pyramid Energy has many applications and benefits. Find out why an how to make pyramid.

The energy pyramid is known for many applications. The energy pyramid can be used for water purification, meditation and relaxation, increase of growth rate of plants, preservation of herbs or sharpening the razors. The list of energy pyramid application does not finish here. Maybe you should try to make your own pyramid and to do pyramid energy experiments.

How to make pyramid? If you want to learn how to make your own pyramid you need to learn the basics of energy pyramid design. The energy pyramid needs to be built in rightproportion. The role model for building your personal energy pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.

Pyramid DymensionsThe Great Pyramid of Gizeh was built according the priniple of the most optimal energetic characteristics. Your personal pyramid should be built with the same proportions, only smaller in size.

To learn more about dimensions of the pyramid check in Constructing the Energy Pyramid.


Despite the fact that official science is not recognizing pyramid power, while following the rule "If you do not understand something, simply deny it!", you can still build your own pyramid and prove your self of existence of the Pyramid Energy and pyramid effects.

Now that you know how to choose the right proportions of your energy pyramid you need to know how to make pyramid. You can choose different materials.

For beginning it is the best to start with cardboard. The material is easy to acquire. For beginning you should start with small size pyramid.

Once you learn how to make pyramid you can experiment with larger size pyramid and try to use other materials. For detailed instruction on how to make pyramid check the Constructing The Energy Pyramid: Instruction

Now when you built your energy pyramid you can learn about pyramid energy and application of energy pyramid.



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