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My EnergyEnergy Pyramid

Posted Jun 2010

What are the energy pyramid effects? Learn how to use energy pyramid for different applications.

Pyramid energy is known for many different effects that can produce. Learn how to use energy pyramid to sharpen razors, preserve food, purify water etc...

First you need to construct your own energy pyramid. Use instructions of how to make pyramid. Once you build your energy pyramid you can start experimenting.

Energy Pyramid: Sharpening Razor Blades

Energy Pyramid Use: Sharpen Razor Blades. Dull razor can be sharpened by the use of the energy pyramid. The razor blade need to be placed under the energy pyramid oriented east-west. The pyramid needs to be oriented north-west. With right orientation the pyramid experiment gives the best results. Used razor can be sharpened under the energy pyramid and used over and over again.

Energy Pyramid: Restoration Of Lustre To Jewelry

Energy Pyramid Use: Restoration of Lustre to Tarnished Jewelry. Energy pyramid can help to removal of tarnish to your jewelry. Keep the jewelry for few days under the energy pyramid. Remember to position your energy pyramid north-west. After treatment rub the jewelry for easy removal of tarnish cover.

Energy Pyramid: Dehydrate Meat, Eggs and Other Food

Energy Pyramid Use: Dehydrate Meat, Eggs and Other Food. You will quickly dehydrate food under the energy pyramid, without rotten or fungus development. Bacteria and fungus do not like the influence of energy pyramid. Ancient Egyptians even used the energy pyramid to mummify their dead.

Energy Pyramid: Prevent Milk Souring

Energy Pyramid Use: Prevent Milk Souring. Fresh milk is souring quickly if it is not refrigerated. You can use energy pyramid in order to prevent souring. Bacteria that make milk souring are dormant under the influence of energy pyramid. Remember to position your energy pyramid properly.

Energy Pyramid: Dehydrate Flowers

Energy Pyramid Use: Dehydrate Flowers. If you like dry flowers you can dehydrate it easily with use of energy pyramid. Just keep the flowers under the energy pyramids for several days.

Energy Pyramid: Accelerate Plant Growth Rate

Energy Pyramid Use: Accelerate Plant Growth Rate. You can speed up the growth of your plants by keeping them under the energy pyramid. The effect of the energy pyramid will be more obvious if you put another plant nearby, outside of the field of energy pyramid. For this purpose it would be good to build larger scale copper energy pyramid and to place your plant within the energy pyramid.

Energy Pyramid: Relaxation and Meditation

Energy Pyramid Use: Relaxation and Meditation. If you are practicing meditation and other relaxation exercises try to enhance the effect of the exercise by the use of energy pyramid. Pyramid will amplify your meditation efforts by putting your mind into the alpha and theta brain wave state, which corresponds to meditation state of mind.

Energy Pyramid: Improve taste of Food and Water

Energy Pyramid Use: Improve Taste of Food and Water. Keep the wine, water or any food under the energy pyramid for improvement of taste. Experiment with different types of food and beverages with different exposure time for best results.

Sitting and Sleeping

Energy Pyramid Use: Sitting and sleeping under the pyramid can have positive effect. Energy pyramid will give you deeper and relaxed sleep, with less sleeping time needed.  It is very likely that you will have vivid lucid dreams. You mind will be refreshed and more creative upon awaking. Some people use the energy pyramid while reading and studying for amplification of cognitive abilities.



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