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My Energy Pyramid Power

Posted Jul 2009

What did archeological researches missed while exploring pyramids? What is the link of negative ions and pyramids?

Pyramids are considered to be a symbol of ancient Egypt. This is understandable, but also unjustifiable since there are pyramids in China, South America or, recently discovered in Bosnia. What are the pyramids exactly?

If we aggregate all knowledge about pyramids, scientific, religious or mystic, than we can say that pyramids had three main application: altar for prayers or sacrifices, burial place for highest members of the society and for production of energy.

Pyramid TunnelsPyramids have been used, among other purposes, for energy generation. Energetic attributes of pyramids are used to accumulate, transform and transfer the energy. There is unanswered question – do we really know all kinds of energy? Do we really know the planet that we live on and universe that we are the part of?

Archeological researches does not analyze the energetic aspects of the pyramids. Also it does not mention water channels, underground tunnels and caves around the pyramids. Cross section of 17 Egyptian pyramids shows that existence of those water channels and caves was rule, not just coincidence. Underground streams or rivers are at different levels below pyramids.

Pyramid Tunnels below 17 Egyptian pyramidsThe only observation from the official science about influence of caves within or under a pyramids is the positive effect on asthmatic people. Official science could identify only one observation typical for caves below pyramids – increased level of negative ions. The level of negative ions is up to 20 times higher than in regular living rooms.

Previous researching and publishing of different author shows us that pyramids have many different purposes and application of pyramid energy: purification of water, preservation of food, mummification of corpses, assistance in meditation, acceleration of plant grow, etc.

Interesting explanation of pyramid energy mechanism is recently published in a book "Removed veil of pyramids secrets".

Tunnels below 17 Egyptian pyramids

Disclosing Pyramid Energy



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