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My EnergyDisclosing Pyramid Energy

Posted Jul 2009

What is the relationship between pyramids, orgone and negative ions? How does pyramid energy mechanism works?

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Interestingtheory about mechanism of pyramid power is brought by Vilim Kanjski and Hrvoje Zujić in their book "Removed veil of pyramids secrets". Authors propose idea that pyramids are generators of high frequency energy.

Basically, pyramid has crystal shape. The shape of the pyramid is accumulating the energy of the surrounding, whether that is the sun energy during the day, moon energy during the night or the energy below pyramid. The energy is accumulated at the 1/3 from the bottom of the pyramid. Life energy, bioenergy, prana, chi or orgone are different names for the energy that integrate all life in the universe. Orgone is associated with high concentration of negative ions. The water is the medium of transfer of negative ions and orgone in the nature. Ice and water are accumulators of orgone. Underground water is therefore the accumulator of ground orgone.

Pyramid Skalar WavesAccording the authors the exposure to underground water, while being above them, can have negative impact to human, while exposure to surface water, while being in caves has positive impact to human health. Channels, tunnels and caves below pyramids are transferring orgone through the pyramid. If we look at the wider surrounding of the pyramid and their place on planet, they are based between atmosphere ( positively charged ionosphere ) and earth negatively charged. 

Pyramid Yin YangAs the orgone is transferred through the pyramid, from the base up to the apex, the discharge at the top can appear. Further more, they proclaim that there is the possibility of appearance of scalar waves at the top of pyramid. The nature of discharge is electro-magnetic-impulse-gravitational energy. Since the pyramids were covered with white limestone ( yin ), while the pyramid body was made of yellow limestone ( yang ), the pyramid behaves as giant orgone accumulator. Theory sound interesting since it tries to explain the pyramid energy through analysis of pyramid but also, but all surrounding elements including the planet earth.



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