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My HealthInsomnia: Sleeping Disorder

Posted Oct 2009

What is insomnia? What are the main types of insomnia?

Many people suffer from many different types of Sleep Disorders or Insomnia. These sleep disorders may be different from person to person in term of intensity. The sleep disorders can be reflected as difficulty to fall asleep, difficulty to stay sleeping, waking too early, sleeping restlessly and waking tired. These symptoms may be experienced in combination.

One of the biggest problem in relation to insomnia is the fact that people are mostly not fully aware of sleep disorders. Therefore, they usually do not pay enough attention to condition of insomnia. If effects of insomnia are left for a longer period without effective treatment, the side effects can be serious. Insomnia is sometimes produced as a result of some other condition or disease.

So what is insomnia in fact? The sleep disorders can be classified in three degrees of complexity and seriousness; Transient, Acute and Chronic Insomnia.

What is Transient Insomnia?

This type insomnia is the least serious type of insomnia. Transient insomnia is a light sleep disorder condition that last usually a few days. Transient condition can be the result of jet lag, taking too much caffeine or caused by too much activities. This type of insomnia is usually not treated since last for a short period time and is easy to overcome.

What is Acute Insomnia?

The acute insomnia is more difficult state of insomnia. It can last from a few weeks to a few months. The usual causes for this condition is a long term exposure for demanding physical and physical strains, work stress, worrying or a impact events like death in family, loss of job or moving to another town. The acute insomnia usually lasts for period while the insomnia causes lasts.

What is Chronic Insomnia?

The chronic insomnia is the most serious state of sleep disorder. It can be persistent for a period of months or even years. It can totally ruin the person's life in every sense. Chronic insomnia has many following side effects as fatigue, hallucinations, problems with vision and other senses and distorted judgment and behavior. The causes of chronic insomnia are usually prolonged stress, chronic depression or painful medical condition.

These are the basics of what the insomnia really is. It is important to recognize sleep disorders early before they goes to more serious condition. Understanding what is insomnia and recognizing its symptoms is the first step of dealing with sleep disorder.


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