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My HealthNutrition For Good Health

Posted Oct 2009

Why is the nutrition so important for a good health? How to pick the food for a good health?

Our health depends of many factors, like sleep, working conditions, exercise, ... One of the most important factors is the food. The fact that we are going to be healthy or not greatly depend on quality and selected nutrition, dosed according the needs of our body.

Therefore, try to prevent the occurrence of various diseases by applying slightly different diet. It takes only a minute longer to prepare healthier meals.

Minor changes in diet that will not take away the time, can contribute you much more to be healthier. Use the summer season and rich dishes from the table that makes tomatoes to be balm for the heart, spinach, which is rich source of iron or broccoli, which strengthens the immune system. Also, add flax seeds, and various medicinal weeds.

Linseed against free radicals.

Add linseeds to cereals or yogurt. It is a valuable source of alpha-linoleic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids which has a blue fish (10 g flaxseed provides 80 percent of daily needs). In addition, vegetable fiber is containing substances similar to estrogen, which prevents arteriosclerosis and mitigates the negative effect of free radicals.

Spinach provides iron and antioxidants.

Spinach is an ideal side dish, as quickly prepared, and with it is also rich in iron and folate. From the raw young leaves you can make a salad. Add the lemon for better absorption of iron.

is strengthening defense system.

Mix lettuce, celery and broccoli. It is a precious nutrition that has stimulating effect on the immune system. Spice up your salad with garlic, olive oil, apple vinegar and mustard. If you listen to this advice, you will not have to worry about the health of their arteries.

Tomato is a friend of the skin

Regularly eat tomatoes (fresh or in juice form), because contains lutein and lycopene. These substances reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, have a beneficial effect on the eyes and protect the skin from the negative effects of external factors.

Poached Egg, tasty and useful.

Provided that you eat eggs once a week, you need not to fear for cholesterol. We should not forget that eggs are a source of protein and calcium. Two egg in butter or oil, with two slices of bread and serving salads and meal is complete.

Drink a cup of milk until the end.

If you have milk and cereals for breakfast, drink what's left in the bowl when you eat cereals. Otherwise, you will give up part of the protein and calcium from this beneficial beverage.

Integrated crackers protect cells.

Contains six times more dietary fiber than white flour crackers. Integrated meal contains substances that protect the health of cells. Researchers from Finland, where the consumption of whole grains is very large, say whole grain protect from breast cancer and bowel cancer.

Whole-wheat bread

How to ensure proper digestion? Replace refined carbohydrates with Example: Two slices of whole-wheat bread contain 3.2 g dietary fiber, while two slices of white bread only 1.6 g.

Replace salt with herbs spice

Herbs is rich in antioxidants, but poor with calories. In addition, each dish will be tastier and enable you to reduce the entry of salt. The recommended daily dose is 5 g of salt, but the amount includes salt from all food (bread, cheese, ham ...)


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