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My Health Eight Causes of Tiredness

Posted Jan 2010

Fatigue can reduce your operational efficiency, concentration, affect negatively on your work performance, and even in private life. Recognize the pitfalls of fatigue and learn where your energy goes.

Tiredness is a state of decreased level of energy and willingness to perform tasks. This is the state where everything looks difficult to do, even those things that are usually easy to do. It is normal to get tired, since it is the result of daily activity.

The real problem appears when the tiredness is becoming usual state during the whole day. There are eight causes that generate this state.

Lack of sleep

Do not close your eyes to the obvious fact: the most common cause of fatigue is lack of sleep. If you are a workaholic or a night bird, insufficient sleep may be the cause of your fatigue. The body of the average person needs seven to eight hours of sleep to rest and recover for everyday activities. Teenagers are encouraged to sleep even more as their young body in the middle of the process of development. Research has show the link between sleep deprivation and depression in adolescents.

Sleep apnea

Some people believe that sleeping enough, however, the apnea can distort the benefits of sleep. Apnea is a breathing malfunction during sleep. Person wakes up for the moment although it is not aware of it. The result is a restless and interrupted sleep, and ultimately tiredness.

To remove the danger of sleep apnea, lose weight and stop smoking.

Insufficient food

Not taking enough food is an obvious road to fatigue. However, wrong type of foods that are consumed may be a problem. If you start your day donuts, or empty calories, sugar in the blood will pop up, and then suddenly fall. The result is - tiredness!

Have rich breakfast, since first meal is the most important. Include protein and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and eggs to have enough energy.


Anemia is a major cause of lack of energy in women. It Occurs when the body does not have enough red blood cells that carry oxygen to tissues and organs. Common blood exam can determine whether you anemic or not.

Anemia is treated differently depending on their real cause. Iron deficiency is treated with food supplements and eating foods that are rich in it, such as red meat, liver, green vegetables, shellfish, beans, etc.

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