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My Health Ylang Ylang And The Sex Drive

Posted Jan 2010

Find out the effects of Ylang Ylang on your mind and body. Find out the effects of Ylang Ylang on your sexuality.

Originally from the Philippines, ylang ylang in translation means "the flower of flowers" or "the scent of all scent." Ylang Ylang Aroma is traditionally used in aromatherapy to sharpen the senses and the alleviation of depression, fear, anger and jealousy.

Because of these reasons, as well as because the reputation of aphrodisiac in Indonesia they use its flowers to cover beds of new wedding couples.

Ylang Ylang and Sex DriveModern aroma therapists consider this scent very balanced. It will send a person with sleeping problem quickly into the land of dreams. Science, on the other hand, promotes the essential oil of Ylang Ylang as a mental stimulant. Can this oil have both functions? Of course it can. Aromatic Ylang Ylang has a thousand faces: it stimulates the human mind on the one hand, while the other relaxes.

Ylang Ylang is also used for cosmetic purposes, and can be mixed with coconut oil. The inhabitants of tropical regions are using it to protect hair from damage caused by salt water.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is a favorite ingredient of perfumes and cosmetics. It is even added in some beverages and desserts. Quality of ylang ylang essential oils varies greatly, due to climatic and botanical diversity. As a result, on market appears several commercial grades that have different smells.

The smell of ylang ylang is very sweet, intoxicating, floral and slightly spicy.
Therapeutic properties of ylang ylang are elimination of depression, simulation of circulation, relieve of muscle spasms, lowering of blood pressure, relaxation of the nerves.

Ylang Ylang is one of the best means to relax the mind and body. Even just sniffing can slightly lower blood pressure. To further enhance a relaxing effect, you can add a few drops into bath or use it as an addition to the oil massage. This is a magic oil that can help with stress, anxiety or shock.

If used as a tonic for the hair, this oil balances sebum production. Add about 6 drops to 30 milliliters conditioner for hair.

Still, be carefull, since Ylang ylang in high concentrations can cause headaches or nausea.



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