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My HealthNutrition For Better Concentration

Posted Mar 2010

Do you have problems with concentration? Try the nutrition for better concentration.

We cannot deny that our brain is aging along with us. The aging is inevitable process. Still, we can try to slow it down.  We need a healthy food that will keep it from decay.

Caffeine for sleepyheads

Millions of people who start every morning with hot coffee can not be wrong: 250 milligrams of caffeine per day awakes the brain, improves concentration, relieves stress, fulfill body energy and helps you live longer. If coffee is your favorite drink, caffeine is also found in chocolate, energy drinks, analgesics, ice cream, weight-loosing pills or in flavored water.

However, the tffects of caffeine on vigilance are short. Therefore you must be careful and not overdose the amount you consume. Too much caffeine can cause nervousness and discomfort.

Sugar as a fuel of the brain

Sugar is a favorite food of the brain! When we say sugars we mean glucose that body metabolize from sugars and carbohydrates that we consume. On the other hand, memory can be distracted if you take too much sugar. Not to mention the accumulation of pounds. Be moderate and
you will be focused. Choose fruit based sugars instead of processed sugar.

Enjoy the Fish

Fish is also foods that charge your brain power. The fish is the rich are the omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial for the development and functioning of the brain. Although it is called fatty acids, they are very healthy and protect the brain from senility or stroke. It also can help improve memory in old age.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend two servings of fish a week for the heart and brain, and we recommend salmon or tuna!

My Dear Chocolate

Dark chocolate (with a high share of cocoa) contains strong antioxidant properties and natural stimulants such as caffeine. With the addition of nuts (hazelnuts), which are rich in vitamin E (preserve cognitive abilities in old age), you get the right combination!

Enjoy the 30 grams of nuts and dark chocolate to in order to power yor brain, still without adding the weight.


Many studies have shown that this delicious blueberries protects the brain against oxidative stress and reduces the effects of diseases associated with aging, like Alzheimer's or senility.

Also, in recent testing has proven that blueberries improve learning ability and motor skills of older laboratory rats, which can successfully counteract the younger "colleagues".

If these foods are not enough to get straight to the next test, we suggest some practical advice that can be combined with healthy eating:

* Sleep enough (adults need about eight hours of solid sleep, while teenagers need even to ten hours)
Exercise sharpening of  thoughts ( reading, enigmatics, puzzles, ... ) 
* Meditate for easier focusing and relaxation.


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