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My HealthStop Overindulgence! How To Prevent Eating Too Much?

Posted May 2010

Why you are eating too much? How can you prevent the overindulgence?

Again you over ate, you do not have room for dessert, but it's your favorite desserts ... You simply MUST try. Or you are sitting in front of the TV and your snack or chocolate simply disappeared... It sounds too familiar? How can we control our appetite and prevent from overindulgence? There are several things that we should pay attention, in order to stop eating too much, without the real need.

There are many factors that stimulate us to eat too much. Factors such as size of food packages, portion size, and variety of food served, and even the size of the plates can affect our eating habits. Often, we are not aware of it. We can help ourselves by paying the attention to several factors that make us eating too much.

Sound, smell and sight

Overeating can be encouraged by appealing aromas of food being cooked, the sounds of cracking of meat on the grill, preparing popcorn, advertisements that show junk food, etc. The environment affects you, andthese factors can result in consuming more food.


Nutritionists use the term "eating amnesia" for state in which we are not aware of the foods we eat (mainly large bag of potato chips, popcorn and lots of chocolate) while doing an activity - watching television or read a book.
It is also easy to have a bite while we cook dinner, trying out if the food is salty enough, and is it cooked enough. Multitasking can lead to over eating because we do not pay attention to the fact that we actually eat.

Food is everywhere around us!

Wherever you turn, everywhere you see the food! In the store, vending machines, the gas stations ... If the food is more available, more often we eat.
You can influence the temptation to eat by staying away from the food. For example, keep the food in the fridge or in the drawer, instead on the table.

Quick and accessible

Many employees do not have time to set aside half an hour in the day for a real lunch, so they choose quick lunch solution. Therefore we choose the food delivery and eat the junk food while we work. Stop this by dedicating your time for a proper meal, while you choose more healthy food.

Huge Package

There is a reason why the family packages are so called - they are for the entire family, not just you. It is proven that we consume 25 to 50 percent more food if it is contained in a larger package, compared to smaller packaging. This is typical for snacks and sweets.
Experts advise abandoning the habit of eating while you sit back, relax, or watching television. Instead, try to suppress the hunger with a cup of tea.

Size of the plate

Believe it or not, the size of the plates from which you eat affects the amount of food that you eat. If you choose smaller plates, you will consume up to 20 percentcalories less.
Not only do certain colors affect our mood, but they can also affect the appetite.

For example, you eat more food if you eat from the red plate but from black one. The color of walls and furniture affects our appetite as well. Red, yellow and orange stimulate appetite, while light blue and mint green kept the appetite under control.


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