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My HealthEye Problems: Reduce Computer Eye Strain 

Posted Apr 2010

Do you have the pain in your eyes caused by spending long time in front of the computer? Check how can you help yourself.

Working at the computer at work is reality for more and more people. If you add the time that you spend in front of your computer at your home, than we easily come to the total time of at least 10-12 hours per day. That is very long period of time. During that time your eyes are exposed to stress and strain, due to intensive activity and exposure to the computer screen. 

On the long run we are exposed to the great risk of deterioration of our eyesight, due to long time exposure to work at the computer. On the other hand, we may not be in position to switch to another job. In this situation we need to take special care to our eyesight.

First thing that we need to do is to check the quality of the computer screen that we are working on. Contemporary computer monitors have more quality and stabile low radiation picture, than was the case some years or decade ago. Still, if you possess old type of the computer with the old type of monitor with small, flickering and blurry picture, than you should initiate the change of your computer. This will require a certain expense of course, but you may have more expense with the deterioration of your eyesight and the productivity at your work. If you employer is hesitating with the equipment upgrade, I am sure that you can be very convincing with the use of terms such as „decrease of work productivity“, increase of error rate“, „sick leave“, etc.

If your eye lids are red and painful, if you are blinking fast, if you feel itching, blurry vision or headache, than you definitely need to have a break and change the situation. First visit your ophthalmologist and look for the advice. Also, try to check your computer and the position where you are sitting. The computer screen should not be placed across the window or other source of light. You should try to place it at the 45'-90' angle. As long as you do not have direct reflection it is OK.

You should not sit facing the window and screen at same time, since the contrast will be too large. If you have no options, than use shades. Try to avoid irritating colors at the screen. Use various colors instead. Check the refresh rate of your screen. Too low refresh rate may irritate your eyes. Take frequent brakes and have a walk. While you walk try to look at distance. The nice view through the window will help you.

While you are taking a break it is useful to exercise your vision. First you should start with active rest of your eyes. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Try to relax, without pushing for some goal. Relax your body, one part after another. Stay in that position for several minutes. Than rub your palms swiftly and lay them on your eyes while they are warm. Remain in the position for about 15 seconds.

If your eye lids are red and painful, if you are blinking fast, if you feel itching, blurry vision or headache, than you definitely need to have a break and change the situation.

Now you start with active exercises. Put your index finger in front of you and focus on it. Move the finger away from you as much as you can, while having the focus of your eyes on the finger. Start bringing the finger to your nose slowly, keeping the focus on the finger. Move the finger slowly back and forth for several times.

After this exercise focus your eyes between your eyebrows for several seconds. Then you move to the top of the nose and keep it for a several seconds. Repeat the exercise for 5-10 times and have a rest. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen your eye muscles. At same time you stimulate the blood through your eye muscles.

Finish your session with rotation of your head, left-to-right, up-down, full rotation in both direction. Exercise of the neck helps the blood flow freely to your whole head, including your eyes. After this short set of exercises, you will be refreshed for the rest of the work day.



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