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My HealthIs Coffee Really Necessary In The Morning?

Posted Jun 2010

Why do you rush so desperately for the coffee in the morning? Is the morning coffee dose really necessary?

While many say that they can not function in the morning until they drink coffee, new research shows that you can feel better if you do not drink coffee. When you drink coffee in the morning and believe that after that you feel more awake, feeling that accompanies you is just because caffeine overnight went out of the body. Therefore, in the morning you feel a "need" for a coffee again, since you are used to it.

Scientists say that taking the coffee is increasing the blood pressure and creates a sense of anxiety. The study included 379 persons that for 16 hours didn't take any caffeine. After that, half of thestudy participantsdrank little or no coffee, while the second group in took medium or large quantities of caffeine.

People who drank coffee experienced a headache and did not feel more awake than people who did not drink a cup of coffee.

People who drank coffee experienced a headache and did not feel more awake than people who did not drink a cup of coffee.

They also discovered the genetic predisposition to anxiety, but it did not discourage people from drinking coffee. It's a sign, researchers say, that people are accustomed to caffeine, and it should enter it into the body to return to normal.

"Our study shows that people do not benefit from the cup of coffee, although they claim that they feel more awake. Caffeine is only returns them to normal," says Peter Rogers, professor of psychology and leader of the study. "Caffeine can increase anxiety for most people who drink coffee."

The study was conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Bristol in England.


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