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My Health Stress Relief

Posted Dec 2008

How can you find your stress relief? What are the best methods for stress relief?

Finding a good stress relief is not that difficult, as it seems. You only need to try many different things and experiment until you find what suite you the best as a stress relief.

If we want to fight the enemy, we must learn about him. The same stand when we are facing stress and anxiety. If we want to fight stress, then we must learn what causes stress and anxiety. This statement may not be understood seriously, since we have tendency to ignore things that we do not want to face with. But if we ignore them, they will not disappear. These factors will continue to be part of our life. They will still influence our life, even more since we are not actively fighting them. If we learn and understand real causes of stress, we will be able to lessen the stress gradually. Closing our eyes in front of reality will not make better reality. Learning about reality that surrounds us will help us in stress relief.

A good method of stress relief is the exercise. The exercise makes the positive psychical and physical effect. Exercise is changing our metabolism rate, it accelerates detoxication, it strengthens the body and mind. Simply physical exercise is making our mind and body to be occupied with different things than activities that give us stress. Time and effort spent on exercise will return back to us with positive effect through stress relief.

Doing what you like is a great way of stress relief. Doing things that we dislike will give us a stress. On the other side, by doing things that we like will truly help us in fighting stress. Just choose anything that you truly enjoy, no matter what that is. You can read a book, watch a movie, play a video game or go for fishing. As long as you like it, as long as you enjoy it will relieve you from stress.

A good method of stress relief is the exercise. The exercise makes the positive psychical and physical effect. Exercise is changing our metabolism rate, it accelerates detoxication, it strengthens the body and mind.

Doing opposite things can help in stress relief. If you have stressful physical work during the day, find something that does not involve physical work, but rather mental, like solving puzzles or crosswords. On the other hand, if you are doing stressful mental work, find some physical activity, like gardening or exercise that will relief your mind from stress.

Conversation with people is perfect stress outlet, as long as you do not stress other people with your story. Simple talk about various topics will make your mind to be occupied by different things than the source of your stress. But you can even talk about what make you stressed, but try to take the different angle to the topic. Try to look at it from someone else’s perspective or try to impose some humor.

Emotional outlet like crying or laughing is the best natural stress relief systems. Emotional outlets are natural safety valve system that helps us to steam out and have stress relief. Even if you are used to suppress the urge for crying, try to do it sometimes. Tears will wash the pain away. Some other time try to laugh. Take a comedy movie or read jokes on Internet. Try to find any other emotional stimulus that will shift you away from your stressors and give you the stress relief.

Daydreaming is something that we did a lot while we were kids. Unfortunately, we grow and get mature we suppress daydreaming, since we consider it as childish. Being childish or not, daydreaming is a perfect anti stress tool. Just relax ant try to imagine things that you like. Daydream just about anything, real or unreal things, about events from your past of from your imagination. Imagine strange landscapes, characters, and events... daydream like a crazy. Going to "other world" will rinse all stress feelings from your mind in a very short period of time.

If there is some inevitable event that is unpleasant for you, then try to finish it off as soon as possible. Delaying and procrastination will cause further stress and anxiety, while the same problem will still be waiting for you. Delay will make you feel more stress and anxiety.

Still, at the end you need to face stressors in your life. If you want to cope with them effectively, try to find some motivation beyond stressor. Simply, do your job that stress you, since you cannot avoid it, but at same time think about something pleasant that comes after work, that will motivate you to endure. Think about anything that you like, that will come after your work. That can be nice dinner, chat with friends or your favorite TV show.

Stress relief techniques are the best when you use them in combination. Today do one thing that makes you happy and stress free, tomorrow try something new. Try whatever comes to your mind and pick stress relief techniques that suit you the best. Remember, do things that suits you personally, not things that suits to somebody else. Perception of stress is very individual, therefore anti stress techniques affect every individual differently too.



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