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My HealthHow to Beat Daily Tiredness?

Posted Aug 2010

What are the causes of daily tiredness? How to beat it? 

Almost all of us have days when we feel especially tired. But for some people, excessive sleepiness interferes with business productivity or leisure activities.

Problem of daily fatigue really starts at night. When you miss even a little bit of sleep during the night, in the morning and during the day you are slow and in a bad mood.

Poor sleep habits are often the cause of daily fatigue and sleepiness. Before going through another sleepy day, try these tips for avoiding daily fatigue.

Good sleep at night. Although this advice is obvious, many of us sleep shorter for an hour or two than we should. Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, a young nine. Every day, mandatory, sleep eight hours - that is needed by your body.

Keep away everything that distracts attention away from bed. The bed is reserved for sleep and sex. Do not be accustomed to reading, watching TV, playing games or using a laptop in it. Do not organize bills, or take arguments and conversations in bed.

Identify healthy meals at the same time. Regular meals help regulate heart rhythm. Take healthy breakfast and lunch, not a coffee in the morning and late sandwich. That will maintain the energy levels and prevent fatigue daily. Complete meals two to three hours before going to bed.

Exercise. Regular physical activity brings many advantages to regular sleep. This applies especially to the aerobic exercises that enable easier falling asleep. Exercise will give you more energy for other daily activities and will hold your brain in top shape. Avoid exercising three hours before bed.

Problem of daily fatigue really starts at night. When you miss even a little bit of sleep during the night, in the morning and during the day you are slow and in a bad mood.

Relieve your daily schedule. If you think that the enormous obligation prevent you from sleeping seven to eight hours a day, you need to make modifications in the daily schedule. Eliminate things that are not necessary, some of the activities move to another time in a day. A good night sleep will certainly help you to better perform the obligations that remain.

Create a relaxing routine. A relaxing pre-bedtime routine will solve your accumulated stress and bad thoughts, and prepare you for sleep. For some it is meditation, for others a pleasant bath, a third listening to music or reading a book. And a cup of herbal tea or warm milk, can also act relaxing.

Avoid alcohol before be. Although some people think that alcohol is preparing the body for bed, you actually miss a deep sleep, which is essential for a good rest. Also, the alcohol ceases to have effect in the middle of the night and you will wake again. This is the opposite effect to what you want to achieve.


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