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My HealthChewing Gum is Increasing the Intellectual Capabilities

Posted Jan 2012

How can chewing gum boost your brain activity? How long it can last?


The chewing of gums can increase the intellectual capabilities and the brain function. At least that is the result of the St. Lawrence University in New York research. The group of scientists from this university conducted the research among the 224 students.

The research showed that even a chewing of a gum a 5 minutes before exam can help the student to improve the score. It seems that the chewing process can support the blood influx to the whole head. Indirectly this blood inflow is boosting the brain function, especially the memory.

The downside of this chewing gum functionality is the duration of the effect. The period of intellectual function increase lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. After that time the activity itself is causing the tiredness that offset the intellectual capability.


Chewing gum increases intellectual capacity



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