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Can They Fix My Spine?
The Atlas Profilax

Posted Nov 2016

When I said that I feel nothing in particular after the treatment, the guy said that about 5% people do not feel effect.

I have read a lot about treatment of the atlas vertebra. There are many articles, YouTube videos and advertisements around describing the dislocation of first spinal vertebrae called atlas.

The atlas is the vertebra that directly supports the scull. According the theory of atlas profilax specialists, the atlas is naturally twisted for 23 degrees to almost 100% of population.

This distortion is twisting the rest of the spine as a chain reaction. As a result, this dislocation is causing different health problems regarding the spine, but also other organs, since nerves comes out of the spines into organs.

The Atlas Subluxation Theory

This supposed dislocation is very hard to be noticed, but also direct symptoms cannot be noticed. This is why official medicine does not pay attention to this problem. Since dislocation is hard to see the atlas profilax specialists (this is how they call themselves) are calling this supposed condition an atlas sub-luxation. The luxation is dislocation, but since this is kind of a small dislocation they use the term sub-luxation.

Atlas Profilax

I do not have problems with my upper part of the spine and neck, but occasionally I have problems with lower back. This is quite a common problem of our civilization. I said: OK, the theory sounds logical, twisted vertebrae is reshaping the whole spine in wrong direction, those specialists claim that they know what the root cause is and they know the solution, so let’s try to fix this. Also, these atlas profilax specialists are trained by the same method (Swiss originated), they have standard approach and price, so all sound quite convincing.

Let's Try It

I called phone from advertisement and operator took my data. She said that she will dispatch me to nearest atlas profilax specialist. Soon, guy called me from nearby town and he instructed me what the procedure is. OK, we scheduled meeting and treatment.

I found the house of this guy in the suburb of small town. Nice house, Mercedes parked in front. The ground floor is designed as reception and treatment room. Well furnished and equipped, very pleasant for visitors. I was the only one there so specialist invited me inside his treatment room.


Long Introduction ...

Quite nice room with one bed, working desk and huge TV mounted on the wall. The specialist started with educational part of this supposed condition, effects, treatment and expected results. The treatment (profilax) is supposed to fix my first vertebra into natural position, back to its socket, where it belongs. As a result, I should feel rush of energy through my spine. My body will soon start to recover from this locked situation where I've been whole my life. As result my internal organs will start working better, energy blocks will be removed, my spine will soon settle, I will start to live a new life finally. Very convincing story, supported by many professional animations shown on huge TV. Very professional story, video, testimonials, approach, attitude ... it is hard to imagine how positive this treatment is supposed to be for everybody. What have I waited for a whole of my life?

Atlas Profilax

After the long introduction, long explanation of background of atlas subluxation, countless benefits of the treatment (presentation was more than half an hour), the "action" finally starts.


... But Short Treatment

First part is what the specialist called it the examination. Absolutely no instruments were used for this. The examination procedure was based on me lying on the bed with my face down. The specialist bended my legs and found that one leg is shorter.

I have seen many videos on YouTube, and I knew everything about what happened already. The theory, the benefit of the profilax, shorter leg ... But I didn't know anything about what is next, because that was never shown or described on videos or in texts.

So, the "treatment" finally starts.

The treatment is unbelievably short and superficial. You sit straight in chair without back or armrest, while atlas specialist is conducting massage with some kind of vibrator on the upper part of the neck. It lasts only couple of minutes. And that’s it!


5% Exception

I felt absolutely no difference versus before the treatment. Except that I was relieved for 170 Euros (I think that was the amount). That’s all folks.

When I said that I feel nothing in particular after the treatment, the guy said that about 5% people do not feel effect.


What Do You Think?

I felt a little bit funny (stupid too). I walked out the premise, with certificate in my hand. Yes, they have very professionally designed certificate which states that your atlas is finally calibrated and that you can continue to live your life on healthier, more energetic, without health problems that you use to have.

OK, I thought that is maybe in my case and it will take some time to start feeling the effects.
That was about 10 years ago.

I felt no effect on the treatment. No effects immediate after the treatment. No effect in following days or weeks. No effects after 10 years.

I am not judging the atlas profilax treatment, but just describing my experience. Maybe I am among those 5% who do not feel the effect.

Use my experience if you find it useful and please share to with whomever it may concern. 


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