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My HealthCoping With Stress

Posted Sep 2009

What is the strategy of coping with stress? What are methods of coping with stress?

Coping with stress is the one of the biggest health concerns. Stress effects can be different from one person to another. Still, no matter how different the stress effects on an individual are, they effect your health.

The first thing that person affected by the stress should do is to understanding and admitting that is under a stress. Denial of current situation is quite common for most of the people. But the denial of the stress condition will not make our life easier.

On contrary, denying and resistance to face the reality will cause the individual to accumulate more stress related problems. Accumulated stress is like a snowball, you leave it roll down the slope and it will get bigger and bigger. Finally, when it becomes too big it may be too late, or at least too difficult to solve the situation.

After admitting the reality of being under a stress, it is necessary to develop the strategy of coping with stress. The strategy is needed, since the stress cannot be solved with the single action. Stress is usually appearing as a result of cumulative effect of chain events through the longer period of time. Since the stress is mostly appearing as a result of complex events, it is not reasonable to consider that stress will disappear simply by our wish. Coping with stress and dealing of stress effects requires structured and persistent approach.

Strategy of coping with stress should be a simple medical approach:

  • Identify Causes: Diagnostics is the first step of coping with stress. It is necessary to understand route causes of our stress situation. You need to identify what is causing stress. Is that pressure of the job? Could that be time-compressed activities? Are you deep in debts, while every financial move you make is sinking you even deeper into debts? Is the relationship the cause of your stress?

  • Remedy Situation: After understanding the causes of stress you can start coping with stress and choose the right stress therapy. In order to fight with the stress effects you can go in two opposite directions.

First direction is to try to eliminate stress causes from your vicinity. If the job is the cause of your stress then you can try to find a less stressful job. Maybe the money is not giving you enough personal satisfaction to motivate you, or you are simply tired of the job and you need something else? Is your old car making you a lot of trouble by being broke too often and making you being under a stress? Maybe you should change your car, despite the fact that it will make you spend some money. Still, if you remove that stress from your life, your money is well invested.

This simple three steps strategy of coping with stress and stress effects will give you results in proportion to your diagnostics and persistence in remedy. If you choose and persist in right stress therapy, you will be in position to bring the balance back in your life.

Second direction is facing with stress itself. Sometimes, way of coping with stress can be confronting the stress situation, instead avoiding it. Simply, if you have a good motivation you can strengthen yourself and confront the stress. If you have such situation that you consider to be one that you need to face with, then you need to find the good motivation. If your job is very demanding and stressful, if your nice salary can give you compensation, then your motivation can ease your stress, since you have something to fight for. If you do not find the motivation, then everything is more difficult.

Also, if you decide to cope with stress, no matter how strong you are, you need to Relax from the stress effects. You need some activity that you enjoy in. You need some passionate activity that will occupy all of your senses. If you are occupied by something that you like and enjoy in, than you will forget about all things that are making you to feel stressed.

Follow up. Finally, you need to assess your efforts of coping with stress. You need to identify was your identification of stress cause right or wrong. What if you misjudged the real cause of stress? What if you have a good understanding of stress cause, but you failed to choose the right approach to the situation. Therefore, in order to cope with stress to the full extent you need to do a follow up of your stress therapy and to evaluate the results. If your stress therapy is wrong, try to choose another stress therapy. If you stress therapy is working well, than try to make it even better.

This simple three steps strategy of coping with stress and stress effects will give you results in proportion to your diagnostics and persistence in remedy. If you choose and persist in right stress therapy, you will be in position to bring the balance back in your life.


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