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My HealthHeadache Relief

Posted Oct 2009

What are natural remedies for headache? Why should you use medications as last option?

When you have a slight headache you should not take medication immediately. Taking medication for even a slightest headache is not for your body for two reasons:

1.) Intoxication - every medication is a toxin at same time. Medication substance may help you with headache, but if you take it excessively it can make you accumulate toxins in your body. This can reflect on other organs ( kidneys, liver, ... )

2.) You are getting used to it. In time, if you take medications on regular basis you will get use to the it’s effects and the threshold of your body requirement for medication may increase. The medication may appear ineffective, so you will be forced to increase dose, or to switch to stronger medication formula.

Simply, minor headache can pass even without medications. Even if you feel the pain almost every day, it is better to stick to some rules that you can avoid nasty headaches.

  • Drink enough water every day. The quantity of water requires from your body mass and your physical and mental activity. You should intake minimum 2-3 liters per day. In case that you extensively exercise or you are exposed to hot weather, the quantity is even increased.

  • Detoxify your body with balanced nutrition. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables give you balanced nutrition intake and detoxify your body.

  • Exercise regularly, since exercise is detoxifying your body too, as well as increasing blood circulation through the whole body, including head. Sex is a great exercise for blood circulation.

  • When you sit on the bed or chair always lean your head on the backrest, in order to relax your neck and prevent unnecessary stretching. When you do something on the computer constantly change the position of the head.

  • While writing or reading do not lean too close to the paper, always keep a certain distance. Headaches often occur when the head is bent for a long time. Your bed should be a little tougher. It is not healthy when the pillow is thick and huge. Huge pillow will make your neck to be unnecessary bended, which will prevent natural blood circulation to your brain.

  • Mental activity like studying, writing, or analyzing is energy demanding. Brain is consuming around 20% of energy that we consume through food. When you are mentally active take additional amount of complex carbon hydrates through fruits. Do not forget to intake water.

  • While you are driving keep your back always with seat backrest, and rest your neck at headrest.

These simple advices will help you to prevent and alleviate light headaches. It is not necessary to get used to medication in case that you can solve it in much more natural way.


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