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My Meditation



My Meditation

About Meditation Techniques
What is Necessary For Successful Meditation?
How to Meditate? – Part 1
How to Meditate? – Part 2
How to Meditate? – Candle Meditation
How to Meditate? – Bath Meditation
How to Meditate? – Muscular Meditation
How to Meditate? – Introspective Meditation
How to Meditate? – Visualization Meditation
How to Meditate? - Mind Power Meditation
How to Meditate? - Problem Solving Meditation
How to Meditate? - Healing Meditation
How to Meditate? - Secret Place Meditation
How to Meditate? - 5 Golden Rules Of Meditation
How to Meditate? - Mental Screen Meditation
Guided Meditation

About Meditation Techniques

Researches have shown that meditation techniques can significantly alleviate stress and feeling of anxiety, therefore provide positive influence to your mind and body.

Meditation is an Active process that calms down your mind. By applying the meditation techniques, your brain temporarily "detach" from every day's pressure and "attach" to your inner oasis of calmness. Even if you meditate for only a few minutes a day, you will acquire astonishing ability to cope with your life. You will be able to develop consciousness about your inner being.
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What is Necessary For Successful Meditation?

Learn about basic preparation for successful meditation.

Before you start with meditation, you should find a comfortable place, where nobody will disturb you. Try to make meditation become something natural when you go to that place. Although, meditation is theoretically possible everywhere, try to find a calm place for beginning.
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How to Meditate? - Visualization Meditation

Learn how to meditate the visualization meditation. Find the way to strengthen your visualization ability.

This meditation is similar to introspective meditation, since you are focusing not on real physical objects, but to objects created within your mind. Prepare yourself for meditation in the same way as explained in introspective meditation. Relax with the breathing counting.
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Mental Screen Meditation

You can use your mental screen for many purposes. You can mentally train the sport techniques. You can learn the school lessons. You can rehearse the business presentation, prior to the meeting. If you have a certain problem, try to visualize it on your mental screen. Try to find the root cause of the problem.
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5 Golden Rules of Meditation

Whatever we do in our life we do it better with practice. The same is with meditation. More often we exercise meditation better we become. There are different techniques and approaches to meditation. But whatever method of meditation you chose try to pay attention to 5 basic rules of meditation.
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Secret Place Meditation

The Secret place meditation may be solution for your day to day pressure. The secret place, or a personal place, is a imaginary or real place where you feel good and safe. This is the place where time is not important, obligations are not there and nobody is chasing you for anything. This place is absolutely yours, tailored as you like it.
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