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My MeditationWhat is Necessary For Successful Meditation?

Posted Jul 2008

Learn about basic preparation for successful meditation.


Preparation for Meditation

Before you start with meditation, you should find a comfortable place, where nobody will disturb you. Try to make meditation become something natural when you go to that place. Although, meditation is theoretically possible everywhere, try to find a calm place for beginning.

Do not meditate immediately after exercise or after intensive work. First try to relax for a while. Beginners should try to meditate for about 10 – 15 minutes. Later, you can gradually extend the meditation time. If you feel resistance to meditation sometimes, do not try to force yourself, but try again later.

Meditation posture

Positions During the Meditation

During the meditation your spine should be straight. Sitting is the best way for meditation. Try sitting on a floor, in Lotus position or Half Lotus position. If you are too uncomfortable in those positions, sit on the chair with your spine straight. Be prepared to stay in that position for some time.

It is recommended to take care about position of your arm during the meditation. If you are sitting, then is the best to lean jour hands on jour legs with your palms turned upwards. Ancient Yoga science recommends that you should join your thumb and index finger, while your hands are faced upward.

In this position, also called the Lock of Consciousness, you engage flow of energy to run through your body and chakras, therefore enabling you to reach the goal of meditation.



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