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My MeditationHow to Meditate? - Muscular Meditation

Posted Aug 2009

Learn how to meditate the muscular meditation. Find out the way of improving the control of your muscles.

The muscle meditation is more the type of exercise, but at the same time is meditation. Actually, every sport activity can be occasion for muscular meditation. Unfortunately, during the sport we focus more on object of the sport activity, instead to the muscles.

The basic principle of this meditation is very simple – focus on you muscles during contraction and relaxation. During this exercise you focus to the one part of the body at a time. The muscular meditation can be exercises just about anywhere. Still, for the beginning it is good to start with the horizontal position, in the bed. Have the comfortable clothes, shoes should be off.

Start the exercise with your feet, one foot than another. Stretch your foot, then count to five, while keeping the foot muscles stretched. Than completely relax your foot and again count to five. Switch the exercise several times in both feet. Afterwards, continue with other muscle groups, up through the body. Remember to engage the one group at the time. Allow 5 seconds between contractions and relaxations. Do not exercise too fast. Breath normally all time. Do not let your self to be over engaged and sweating by this exercise. This exercise has a purpose to relax you and increase consciousness over your body. This exercise is not made for fat burning or some other goal.

The muscle meditation is more the type of exercise, but at the same time is meditation. Actually, every sport activity can be occasion for muscular meditation.

When you finish working out small groups start with contracting the larger muscle group, like whole leg. This time make the contraction period longer, about 10 seconds. The same is with the relaxation, after contraction leaves your muscle group to relax for about ten seconds.

The final stage is to contract the whole body. Pay attention to your breathing. Take a deep breath and hold it, while contracting all muscles in your body. At the beginning you will not have the best control of your muscles, since you will be forgetting to contract some muscle. But with the practice you will be mastering the process. During the contraction of the whole body do not try to compress air in your lungs too much. Just hold breath normally.

Contract and relax your whole body in the 5-10 seconds cycles. After finishing the exercise, stay in the original position and continue breathing slowly and deeply. By exercising this meditation you will be able to achieve better control of your muscles, relax and detoxify your body.



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