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My Meditation How to Meditate? - Visualization Meditation

Posted Aug 2009

Learn how to meditate the visualization meditation. Find the way to strengthen your visualization ability.

This meditation is similar to introspective meditation, since you are focusing not on real physical objects, but to objects created within your mind. Prepare yourself for meditation in the same way as explained in introspective meditation. Relax with the breathing counting.

The visualization meditation requires you to relax and focus on the visualization within your mind. Be aware that you need to visualize a real pictures, like in the real world, not just thoughts. Try to imagine pictures as vivid as possible. In order to start, try with the following sequence of pictures.

Close your eyes and try to imagine the ocean in front of you. The ocean is expanding all the way to the horizon and connecting with the sky above it. Stay for a moment on this picture. Now try to visualize birds that enter the scene. Look them as they entering the field of vision moving in front of you and then leaving the scene. Focus at the ocean again and then visualize new birds coming from another direction. Observe them until the fly away too. From this point give your self a freedom to tailor your visualization. Imagine different type of birds, experiment with clouds, different sea color, an island with palm trees, etc. Experiment with visualization of different compositions of ocean picture.

You can try to visualize different sceneries. Here are some examples:

  • Desert

  • Bottom of the ocean

  • Flying

  • In space

  • In the jungle

  • At the top of the mountain

Do not limit yourself with this list. Try and other picture as object of your visualization meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to strengthen your visualization ability.



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