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Absolute and Relative Income

What is the difference between relative and absolute income? What are additional incomes and what is the big picture?

Work is the process of exchange of skill, time and effort for the money. This is very well clear for everybody who trades the work for the money. Every person can have different levels of knowledge, education, experience, personal traits, energy and enthusiasm for the work. According to these inputs comes the expected output – the money that represents the compensation for the done job.
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Financial Wisdom

What is the financial wisdom? Is it only important to earn more money? Why are people spending more than the can earn?

The problem with the money is not only how much you earn, but also how much and at what way you are spending money. Most of the people believe that the secret of wealth lies within finding out a way to earn more money. "If I could only earn more" many people think. Probably you think the same way. In reality, the truth is completely different.
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Passive Income

What is the passive income stream? How can you build passive income streams? Choose your own passive income streams.

What is the solution to dilemma between more free time and less money, or more money with less private time? The answer is neither of these two. The answer is that you need more money and more private time with not more work. So how this is possible?
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You Are The Future Millionaire

Can you be a millionaire? Find out what are the obstacles on the way of becoming the millionaire.

It is up to you to decide whether you are planning to be homeless or millionaire. The banks are aware that we are potential millionaires. This is why they try so hard to steal these millions from us.
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Multiple Income Streams

What are the Multiple Income Streams? What do you need to build multiple income streams? Does having Multiple Income Streams means proportional multiplication of efforts?

Having a multiple income streams from primary, secondary and passive income streams will accelerate your wealth building. Simply, these three income groups are the main pillars of your income security.
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Buying a New Car

If you need a new car, if you can afford it, if you can afford devaluation and you have no better idea what to do with your money, than you should buy a new car. But buying a new car requires smart thinking. There are some questions that need to be answered.
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Buying a Car: Choosing the Right Financial Model

Can you afford to waste the 50% of the value of the new car within first 4-5 years, that is gone due to depreciation? And what after that period? Are you buying another new car? If your answer is yes, than probably you are wasting a value of a whole new car every 8-10 years. In 50 years you are likely to waste a value of 6-7 new cars. This is the fortune that you are giving away just to drive a new car.
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Inflation is Coming - Invest Into Gold

Recent global economy crisis changed drastically the value system of planetary economy. The global economy crisis affected all markets e.g. real estates, stock market, currency exchange, etc. It is very difficult to find a good investment market.
Today, one of the oldest ways of investing seems to coming back. It seems that era of money that we knew for the last 100 years is coming to the end. Uncertainty of global financial markets forced the investors to move to investment into gold. The ounce of gold today cost five times more than 10 years ago.
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