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My WealthThe Well of Fortune

Posted Aug 2008

This system will bring you extra growth of your financial incomes through synergy. Simply, multiplied streams of incomes will grow your wealth faster than just one source.

What do I need to build a fortune? Is it to be born rich? Is it to get a grip into a serious business? Do I need to win a lotto? Or do I need to rob a bank? Perhaps you need some of these ( except a last one :). But also you can have it by doing something completely different.

Since you are reading this, I assume that you are not already rich. Let say that you a ordinary citizen that is struggling with a financial unease of every day’s life and you want to build up your financial health and to achieve financial stability for years to come.

First of all we need to answer a question: Why do we need to be financially strong? For some of you this might sound as unnecessary question, because the answer should be obvious for everybody. But in reality, most of the people cannot understand the meaning of this question to the full extend. Okay, everybody agrees, more or less, that is good to be financially stabile in our life. So why the most of the people do not act accordingly? Why instead most of the people spend more than they earn, why they overuse credit cards, why they buy more than they consume, why they try to be even to the people who are wealthy, so they make silly spending, why ... oh, why?

Do you now anybody who is alike? I could bet that you know many of the people who have similar financial habits. This is a reason why I need to explain why we need to build and maintain our financial health through our whole life.

Imagine an athlete, successful, strong, perspective. So let say that this athlete is in full strength and health, since he is training hard and regularly. He is taking a good care about his nutrition. He is disciplined in having a good rest after his training. He is in super shape and he is in much better physical fitness than many ordinary people. His health is stronger, his performance is better, he is flexible in every situation.

But let say that this athlete retires at age of 35. Now he is financially stabile enough, therefore he do not need to take care about his health so much, since he is not competing anymore. So he neglects his training, nutrition program and regular resting. Since he is not in sport anymore, he can afford cigarettes and alcohol occasionally. Imagine what will be with this athlete at the age of, say 55. Probably he might not be sick and weak, but still he will not have any of physical abilities more than an average man of a same age. This means that all fitness he accumulated during his career is gone, since he stopped with his workouts.

The same is with financial strength. If we are financially good today, we might not be tomorrow? I you are financially poor today, tomorrow you can be homeless. Sorry, but that is the life. There is no mercy. If you rely on social welfare or relatives, you can only partially alleviate your misery. So the morale of the story is: Build and maintain your financial life – through whole of your life. As of today until the last day.

Money might not give you everything in the life. But without money you can not do anything. It ruthless, but that is the rule of the game. You need to build your "fortune" all of your life. I am not promise that your fortune will be a big river of incomes that comes to you every day. But I am sure that definitely you can dig your own well of fortune that will give you financial stability in your life.

In order to dig your well of fortune, you will need three magic words: Earn, Save and Invest

Earning Money

Okay, you need to start somewhere on your path. You need to earn initial capital. Somebody might start from zero, somebody might inherit some capital or real estate. But in any case we need to start by earning money and building up our fortune. At the beginning you will have to work harder. As your fortune grow up and returns on investments start to come, you can consider to work less, if you want to. Now, if somebody says "To start work hard? I knew it before you told me". It is true, but this is only the first step of building your fortune. I said it again, you must start with earning money, more you earn early, brings you more returns later.

Saving Money– cut unnecessary spending

After you solved task from the first step – Earning Money– it is time for second step: Saving Money. Saving money sounds simple, but it is very difficult. This is because we have weak spots of our own, habits, etc; therefore most of us tend to spend all of our earnings. But if we spend all we earn we will not have our fortune. On top of this, what will you do if unexpected cost comes, like broken car? You will have to borrow money with bank interest ( since you do not have saving ) and then instead of your well of fortune you will start growing your financial Black Hole that will consume you if you let it.

Conclusion: What we need is saving money! Always! Every month if that is possible. Of course you should not be hungry or become antisocial for sake of saving money, but you will have to take some effort to cut unnecessary spending and build your savings.

Investing Money – Combine system

Since you passed first two stages in building your Well of Fortune, lets go to the third – fertilizing stage of building the fortune – the Investing the money. Since you manage to build some saving, you will have to invest it. This is necessary for a two reasons: to protect your saving from inflation and to accelerate the growth of your fortune. Try to diversify your investments. Investing money in several different fields you are minimizing the risks and exploring opportunities that can take you to solution that will bring you the biggest return on investing money.

Finally. This system will bring you extra growth of your financial incomes through synergy. Simply, multiplied streams of incomes will grow your wealth faster than just one source.

And please, refer to your financial project as "Fortune" or "Your precious" since you need to give some importance to that aspect of your life. Try to give it a full importance, in order to make it succeed and make you wealthy. Otherwise, you might focus yourself on other activities that will drain you financially, instead to super-charge you. Try to priorities things in your life and put your financial wealth as higher as possible on your ladder of importance.



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