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My WealthDebt Is Not The Right Way

Posted Apr 2010

Why is choosing the debt is the wrong way? What is the right way to successful personal finance?

How many times have you seen the kid in the shop crying and shouting: „I want that toy!“? Maybe that was even your kid. Unfortunately, even adults behave like kid sometimes. It is within our nature to demand something right now, regardless what the price is. This is the sign of our immaturity.

Our culture, supported with aggressive advertisement, teach us to behave like kids. „Buy This, Buy That!“ screams from advertisements all around us. We can buy whatever we want, the car, cloth, trip or dinner, regardless do we have money or not.

We do not need to spend the time to earn and save the money. If we want to buy something without the money there is only one thing that we need – the debt.

The debt is the „product“ that is sold everywhere, so aggressively and loud. It has been advertised so loud that is almost impossible to imagine the life without it. Debt is anchored deep inside our culture.

Therefore, we cannot imagine buying the car without monthly installments, house without mortgage and shopping without the credit card. There is the saying that says that lie become the truth, after being repeated certain number of times. We even do not realize that we begin to make stupid moves in our lives, only because someone brainwashed us.

In contemporary culture it is consider weird to have no debts at all. Individual without any loans and credit cards is usually considered a freak. If somebody decides to get rid of the debts and stop using the credit cards, than it is likely that it may be condemned by people from that surround him/her. Using no credit cards is strange for most of the people.

People embrace debt since they see the quick opportunity to get something, without realizing that they will become more and poorer over the time, since they pay things more expensive and because they buy more than they really need. Credit gives convenience to spend more than they earn, simply because they thing that they are using the right thing.

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