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My Wealth 12 Steps of Becoming Financial Slave

Posted Aug 2008

Since the money is the root of all evil, here are some tips that will help you to get rid of all of your money.

Let me tell you about the secrets of spending money. I'll tell you how you can spend all you earn and even more. I will explain you what you need to do to be in debts and to stay in debts forever. I am not promising that is going to be easy, but if you try really hard, you will succeed in loosing all your money and to be miserable.

Why should you be wealthy and rich, when you can be broke? Money is evil, so why should you have it. Money is indeed evil and can spoil you easily.

Now when you understand that the money is the root of all evil I will give you some tips that will help you to get rid of all of your money, even to be in debt if you try hard enough. The key is to follow the 12 steps of becoming financial slave:

1.) Spend more than you can earn

This is easy. All you need to do is to spend all what you earn. After that, try to buy more by taking product or services that you will pay in installments. This way you assure that you get rid of all money that you earn during the month and to be even in debt, since you buying faster than earning.

2.) Borrow money

Now, try to increase your debts by taking loans from banks. This is working well especially if you take a loan with the high interest. Long-term loans are the best, because of the magnificent power of accumulated interest rate ( Compound Interest ). This will definitely help you to spend all of your money. And remember, take a loan even if you do not need anything in this moment. Simply by having borrowed money you will start to spend it immediately. This money will give you idea how to waste it. It is easy: the more you have it in your pocket – the more you spend.

3.) Always use Credit Cards

They give you the convenience and ease of spending, since you need no to worry about taking your money in your pocket. Above that, take cards that will take the biggest interest on they service. This will even accelerate the waste of your money.

4.) Buy a new car often

Try to buy the new car more often than your neighbor, even if the old car was still good. Buying the new car every now and then is perfect way of wasting money since the new car is very expensive, considering how fast is loosing the value in the short period after being purchased.

5.) Became Fashion Slave – Obey!

Now you now the basic secrets of wasting of all what you earn, even more than that. All you need to do to read these 12 steps from time to time and to stick to them as much as possible.

Yes, obey to the every command issued by fashion designers. Whatever new they create and command you to buy it, you'll have to have it. Do not bother too much if you do not like the latest fashion, simply buy it. This will help you to evaporate your money very fast. And remember a little trick how to spend more money on clothing. Go to you wardrobe and dump everything to garbage first. By doing this you will need to buy more since you have nothing to wear. At same time your wardrobe is empty, so you can bring a lot of new staff.

6.) Become Frantic Consumer Addict

Simply go eating out as much as possible ( since it cost more than eating home ), use your phone all the time, smoke cigarettes, and buy every magazines you spot, although you can find everything on internet.

7.) Shop More Than You Need

Buy quantitative, big packs, since you will have a bigger supply of some commodity. This bigger supply will make you to consume more than you need, simply because it is available. This way you will manage to spend more. Remember, these packs are called «Economy» packs since they support the economy of the goods manufacturers.

8.) Impulse Purchase

Do not think twice, whenever you come across to the some dirty marketing trap, just buy it, do not think too much. You will buy and spend more, guarantied!

9.) Watch commercials as much as possible

You will receive regular dose of subliminal messages, which will help you to weaken your resistance to unnecessary shopping. You will manage to brainwash yourself and to spend more than ever.

10.) Do not save money

Remember, the money is evil, so get rid of it ASAP.

11.) Do not invest

Investing will bring some extra money back, so do not invest.

12.) Do not plan your Monthly / Annual Budget,

...just spend fast, without thinking. Thinking before spending will unnecessary slow down your spending, which is bad for your financial misery.

Now you now the basic secrets of wasting of all what you earn, even more than that. All you need to do to read these 12 steps from time to time and to stick to them as much as possible. The best way to remember these tips is to print and post them on visible place.

And last, the most important advice: If you really do want to be and stay financially poor and miserable, do not read other articles on this site.



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