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MyselfFree Biorhythm Calculation

Posted Jul 2009

If you want to check your personal Biorhythm reading, simply enter you birth date and press the Calculate button...

In order to be able to use Biorhythm applet, you need to have installed Java on your machine. For Java download check the link.


The result of this calculation shows you your current cycles of your Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Biorhythm. Physical biorhythm cycle span the 23 days. Emotional Biorhythm cycle last for 28 days. Intellectual Biorhythm cycle lasts for 33 days. When some biorhythm cycle is ascending you are in positive phase. When the biorhythm cycle is descending you are in negative phase. The critical point is switch between two phases.

You can read your current biorhythm by reading the displayed chart. The physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythm cycles are colored in respective colors. The window shows current period of your biorhythm. However, you can use scrollbar at the bottom of the biorhythm display. By scrolling left you can check the past period of your biorhythm. You can try to find the relationship between biorhythm cycles and the past events. If you scroll the bar to the right you ca see the future biorhythm cycles on physical, emotional and intellectual area. The biorhythm reading will not read you the future, but it can give you the suggestion of how your mood will be in area of physical, emotional and intellectual aspect.

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