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MyselfWhat Do You Need to Know About Biorhythm Cycles?

Posted Aug 2009

Can biorhythm cycle influence relationship between individuals? What are connections between biorhythms of two persons?

As you learned by know, your results, mood, health and relationships greatly depends of status of your intellectual, emotional and physical cycles. If they are in positive phase, everything will be easy for you to do. But, if they are in negative or critical phase, you will be lacking the strength for the challenges of life.

Physical Cycle

Physical cycle is the shortest one and lasts for twenty-three days. It discovers how your body is functioning. When you are in positive phase you have sufficient energy level, you will be more resistant to illness and you will feel yourself eager for motion.

On the other hand, if you are in negative phase, you will have a need for more sleep and relaxation than usual. Even if you feel a wish for action, your body may not be able to deliver it. During the critical day your movements will lack coordination. Your attention may be decreased, while there is the increased risk of injuries.

Emotional Cycle

Emotional cycle lasts for twenty-eight day during which you will feel the changes in your feelings. Even if you are not educated psychologist, you can easily feel that there are days when you are in bad mood and that are days when you feel happy.

During the positive period you are full of life and optimism, you are satisfied and feel confident. This is very good period for meeting people and making a new acquaintances. Still be sure that you do not over express while trying the make the good presentation.

During the negative phase you may feel depressive, empty and you may feel self-pity. When you get into such state of mind try reminding yourself that this phase is only temporary. During the critical day your negative emotions are increased, you start to doubt the other persons, you are unstable and you feel yourself not worthy.

Intellectual Cycle

Intellectual cycle is the longest one and lasts for thirty-three days. This biorhythm cycle explains how effective your mind is, how good your judgment is and how well you plan your future. When you are in positive phase you are better organizer and you think more logical and reasonable. Memory is good as well as your learning abilities. Concentration is increased.

During the negative phase you may feel that even a simple intellectual tasks, like simple calculations, basic logical tests are not as they can be. You are rushing into conclusions. During the critical day all negative aspects are increased. Try to avoid conflicts, since you will lack credibility.

If you study your biorhythm cycles well you can be in position to utilize good periods and avoid most of the problems that can come during the negative and critical phase.

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