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MyselfParadigm: Obeying Bad Habits

Posted Oct 2008

Do you know any Paradigm around you?

We, the Human or Modern Man, are considering ourselves as an intelligent, logical and meaningful being. There are many proofs for that, starting with the difference between us and animals, our scientific achievements, civilization development, up to our drive to travel far into the universe. Our logic and fact supported actions are indeed something that distinguish us from the animals.

But sometimes we are acting totally opposite from meaningfulness and logic. Sometimes we do something simply because the other people do it the same way, although nobody knows why we do it. We simply obey bad habits, even if we do not know for what reason. We simply want to be the same as the most of the people.

There is the story that explains how this type of behavior appears. There are some claims that this was a real experiment about behavior of monkeys.

The group of scientists placed 5 monkeys into the cage with the ladders in the middle. They also placed the bunch of bananas on the top of the ladders.

The obvious happened: curious and hungry monkeys started to climb the ladders
, in order to reach the bananas. But every time when one of the monkeys headed for the ladder to take the bananas, scientists washed all monkey with cold water. Soon monkeys realized that if the try to reach the bananas that they will be punished. They realized that it is not worth of it, and they stopped with attempts to pick up bananas. They even started to beat one who would still want to climb the ladders, since the others didn't want to suffer consequences.

Soon, scientist replaced one monkey with the new one. The newbee, who didn't know about the rules, tried to climb the ladders, but the other monkeys beat him. The new monkey didn’t know why it happens, but he realized that climbing for bananas would be penalized. So, he gave up bananas. Afterwards, scientist replaced other monkeys with the new ones. Every new monkey was taught the lesson about rule of not climbing the ladders, by being beaten by other monkeys
for attempt of taking bananas.
Monkey Business
Finally, all monkeys were replaced with new ones. No one of them knew what is the consequence for attempt of grabbing banana. No one of them knew why, by they comply with the rules. They were beating every new monkey for trying to reach the banana, although they didn't knew why they are doing that. They didn't even know that they actually explained how the Paradigm becomes.

Did you ever asked your self why you do something simply because everybody do it? If you would ask the others, probably they wouldn't know the answer, but they would be doing it. We call it habit. We call it folklore. We call it the legacy. We call it the law. At our home, at school, in church, or at work they are always teaching us how something should be done. But there are so many things that we are used to do, because we are told so by somebody, who also do not know the real meaning of things of all bad habits.

Then why don’t we stop taking things straight as they are presented to us and start realizing the real reason for doing something? Why don't we stop doing things only because everybody does it? Is majority always right?

Do you know any Paradigm around you?



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