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MyselfMaking Progress To Your Goal

Posted Apr 2010

What is necessary to do in order to reach the goal? What should you do to overcome obstacles?

Whole life is made of things that we need to do and the obstacles that we meet on our way. A child learns to walk gradually. The baby first learns to crawl, then it tries to lean on the legs and finally starts the first steps. The same stands for almost every situation in our life; school, university, sport, at work, marriage and family, etc. The whole life is made of tasks and obstacles that make our life difficult. But that's life, and we should accept it as it is. We can make our life easier by accepting the concept of life ( tasks and obstacles ) and by applying several simple strategies.

Get started at first. Every trip starts with the first step. If you hesitate with the new task, there is a chance that you will not even start it. But if you make the first step, you are increasing the chances to completing the task.

By starting with the first step you break the mental barrier. Secondly, when you start with activities you are experiencing the process. Since the process of your task is not unknown anymore, you feel less resistance.

Try to make the plans to your work. Set the time framework and milestones on your trip to the goal. Check the progress versus your plan. If your progress is as per plan that's fine. If it is not, do not be disappointed. Try to understand the reason for lagging and try to resolve the problems that slow you down.

Regardless of the success of your progress try to look forward. Visualize your new situation that you will experience at the finish of your trip. Celebrate small victories on your way. Try to find and use anything that can motivate you. Remember, even if you do not make all the progress that you are planned, you are still making the progress.

You will find many obstacles on the trip to your goal. Understand that this is normal, since obstacles are on every trip. From the other side try to see the obstacles from the positive side. First benefit of obstacles is the fact that they are making you stronger. If you are the swimmer, than you know that water is giving you the resistance. But the same resistance is making you stronger. Secondly, the water is the medium of your progress. You are moving throug the water ( obstacle ) to your goal.

The same analogy can be applied everywhere. If you are the sales person who negotiate with the difficult customer, than that customer is the one who is making you stronger, due to difficulty that he is giving to you. On the other hand, the same customer is your way to the goal. Once you successfully complete the negotiation you are reaching the sales, which was your goal at first place.

Go for your goals, do not hesitate. Absorb learning from every situation that you face. The experience that you gain will make your next situation easier.



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