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MyselfLearn To Listen

Posted May 2010

How good you are at listening what others are saying? Why is listening skill that important?

Does it happen that you do not have patience to wait while somebody is talking and you simply interrupting with your talk? Be careful, since you may be on the good way to start conflict or ruin relationships. Even if you are not aware of your behavior, you may be the person who is interrupting the others.

In situation of mutual misunderstanding or poor communication the conflict is unavoidable. Whether it is a friendship that is interrupted, poor quality of services to the client, the poor communication between the employees or teams, the result is the same – misunderstanding, loss of credibility and distancing from each other. You may be surprised when you hear that many of these threats and problems can be avoided in a very simple way - a better listening.

When our success in business depends on how we hear what someone has to say (eg, dissatisfied with the service), it would be advisable to listen. Our willingness state our own opinion, but to hear someone else too, is the right solution. If we learn something at the same time, then we have a double gain. We resolve this problem and prevent its recurrence.

Willingness to listen is a quality of great communicators. Each of us sees the world differently. Seeing the world the way it is perceived by others is giving us the opportunity to establish real communication and achieve the right solution.

Listening skills can be learned or improved. Above all, it is necessary to enter into communication with the conscious decision that you are ready to hear what someone wants to say.

Importance is on being here and now in a conversation, not somewhere else in your mind, or thinking about the duty that awaits you. The worst is yet to have a ready answer before you ever heard the opinion of the other.

Therefore, ask yourself are you good at "listening"? Listening will allow you to build better relationships with people, employees, customers, colleagues ... and thereby enable you and your company better result in the business, a better name, a stronger market position, and profit. These are sufficient reasons for the exercise of listening, aren’t they?!



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