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MyselfHow to Motivate Yourself?

Posted Sep 2010

Why is sometimes so difficult to find motivation? Learn the good tricks for boosting and maintaining your motivation.

Motivation is the factor that makes thing happens. Motivation get thing into motion. We need motivation for everything that we do. If the painter has the best studio, canvas and paints, he cannot paint without motivation. Sportsman with best talent, training, nutrition and support cannot succeed without the motivation. Everything we do requires a certain level of motivation.

Problem with motivation is that it is resource that cannot be easily acquired, stored and used as required. Simply, motivation depends from one moment to another.

Many outside factors influence motivation, eg. weather, environment, people ... Therefore, the motivation level is not easy to be evoked.

Still, there are a lot of internal factors that can support our motivation. We can motivate ourselves with proper planning and actions. There are several things that we can do, on long and short term that can support our motivation.

  • Set the goal ( long term or short term ) and do not lose it from the radar. Lee Iacocca established the personal goal to become the vice president of the Ford by the age of 35. This goal motivated and directed him for 15 years.

  • Long term goals should be supported with short term goals. The goals that are on the shorter run have the stronger influence on the motivation. The short term goals are the tool that helps us reach the long term goal easier. Therefore, the period for reaching the long term goal should be split into several periods with short term goal.

    Motivation get thing into motion. We need motivation for everything that we do. Learn the good tricks for boosting and maintaining your motivation.

  • Set challenging learning goal for yourself. Basically, establish stretching and challenging goal in front of yourself. Learning does not finish with the degree, but just begins. Therefore you should establish new goals whenever you can. You can choose to learn a new language this year.

  • Versatile the things you do. Avoid saturation and boredom by introducing variations and new options to you daily activities. Use your imagination to improve your motivation for work through versatility.

  • Expand the fields of expertise. You should continuously improve the areas of your strengths, but you should also improve your weaknesses too. Try to be the best in your areas of expertise. Set the high standards and benchmark yourself with the best from the branch.

  • Rewards yourself for your successes. Buy yourself a present or a dinner for reaching specific goal. Reward is the strong motivation enhancer.



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