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MyselfAre You Watching TV Too Much?

Posted Oct 2010

Is watching the TV the best time spent? Why is watching TV wasting of time? What are the alternatives to watching TV?

We all like to entertain ourselves after the hard work day at work or in school. After all, we deserve it. If we can spend 8 hours at work, then spend several hours traveling, shopping and working at home, why shouldn't we entertain ourselves for remainder of the evening. There are several methods to spend evening, but one of the most popular is watching TV. Since watching the TV is very popular, is it the best entertainment? Could we spend our free time in a better way?

Are You Watching TV Too Much?

The TV has been considered as the window to the world since it started with broadcasting. The range and variety of content on TV is amazing, movies, series, documentary, news, weather info, live shows, broadcasting of live events ... There are countless TV channels available on the cable, satellite, even on internet. What a fortune? With such variety of choose we are rich. Are we?

Are we lucky with blessing of TV? That is a good question. Even though the TV has many advantages, still there are many traps that we can fall into, without noticing. Simply, TV can consume you and your all free time, if you are not aware of that danger. So what are the dangers of watching TV?

Watching TV is time consuming

It is easily to lose the sense of time and to waste the whole evening in front of TV while endlessly and aimlessly browse through hundreds of channels.

Watching TV is creating addiction

Watching of TV is easy, since you do nothing, but just watch TV. Therefore, you can choose to watch TV instead of do something else, because it is easier. This way you become addicted, without noticing.

Watching TV will make you lazy

Since watching the TV requires no effort, you will tend to watch TV instead of doing something else that requires physical or intellectual activity. In time you are turning to be lazy and too tired to do anything else but to just watch TV.

Watching TV will leave little time for other activities

Watching TV is deceptive because of illusion that you have variety of choice. Unfortunately you can watch only one channel at same time. Easily, TV can consume your whole evening and gradually whole life, leaving you little time for anything else.

Watching TV is passive

Activity is building our muscles, stamina, intellectual capacity, creativeness and problem solving skills. Since watching of TV is passive it will turn you too soft. You will not even notice how you turn into jelly that cannot do anything else but to continue watching TV.

Watching TV is not efficient

Watching TV is dictated by the content and schedule that is served to you. This includes waiting for the show to begin and waiting for countless interruptions for commercials to finish. Watching of net 30 minutes show can last hours due to the inefficiency.

Watching TV is brainwashing

Above all, you will be permanently brainwashed while you watch TV. Commercials and other messages will penetrate your brain and gradually change and shape up your opinion, without noticing. There is the rumor that digital TV is going even further with subliminal brainwashing techniques that have the purpose of establishing subliminal mind control.

So, if there are so many negative things about watching TV, what is the alternative? Of course, you can still watch TV, but you need to plan your time in a better way. Select the range of your favorite channels and memorize them on your TV close to each other, in order to avoid endless switching of channels that you do not care about, but they are simply memorized on TV between your channels.

Check the program schedule in advance, and turn the TV on for your favorite shows. Do not watch all. Do not sit pointless in front of TV, but aim for your show. Avoid commercials as much as you can ( mute ) and avoid shows that you dislike. When your show ends, do not just switch to another channel, but try to do something else.

Still, try to find alternatives for TV broadcast. You can rent a movie ( rent store or video on demand ) that you like, rather than passively watch anything that is served to you. Try to do other activities that are not related to TV, e.g. reading a book or a magazine, exercise, socialize with other...

Be aware of all dangers that TV brings if you consume it without control. Do not let somebody else to control you. Do not let them to spend your time as they like and to make your opinion as they like. You have to be in control of your free time, not somebody else. Be yourself and make your choices over your leisure time. Enjoy.


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