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MyselfBecoming Consultant

Posted Jan 2009

Why should you become a Business Consultant? What are benefits of becoming Consultant? What is the path of becoming Business Consultant?

Every one of us has our own profession. The profession is something that we do for living. Our profession is usually placed in the field that we like, hopefully. But, are all professions good?

Well, lets define what is the "good" profession. The good profession is the one that fulfils our area of interest, where we are strong. The good profession is the one that energize you, instead of exhaust you. The good profession should be the part of your life, not vice versa. Finally, the good profession is the one that gives you the decent and sustainable source of income.

In every professional branch there is multiple positions that are placed on different levels. On this professional ladder higher position requires more education, experience, expertise and creativeness, while offer more income and other benefits. Based on this statement the conclusion may be that it would be wise to invest in our development and climb up to the ladder, up to the top. This sounds promising, but climbing up to the ladder of management is not the only way of advancing.

Advancement in the company hierarchy is certainly attractive. Higher position gives you more money, more power and various benefits. At same time, promotions after promotions can be really exhausting. This is caused by the fact that higher position requires more personal energy, engagement and lot of time. Often this path is leaving you very little private time and no energy at all. That can be sustainable, for some period of your career. But after a several year you may become fed up by the pressure of goals, responsibilities and resource constrains.

What do you need to become consultant?

  • Professional Experience
  • Formal and At-Work education
  • Passion for specific branch
  • Basic presentation skills
  • Imagination and Creativeness
  • Analytical skills
  • Listening skills
  • Patience

Have you ever though about becoming a Consultant? Becoming a business consultant is the natural extension of the successful career. From one side, once you acquire significant profession expertise, knowledge, experience, becoming a consultant can give you a new motivation to continue further. This change is very welcomed, especially if you are saturated with your usually job routine. Also, the consulting is often very well paid. The knowledge and experience is more valuated than thousand of bare hand manual workers.

So, do you wander what could be the area of your consultant career? Primarily, you can develop yourself in the area of your current career.

This is logical, since you already have a certain level of business knowledge and experience. If you consider the idea of becoming the consultant seriously, that can be your motivation for further development in your field, until you develop up to sufficient level.

How can you make a switch from your profession of manager to consultant? You can do it gradually by consultant sessions as a part time job.

Once you are confident to your expertise, you can switch to full time consulting job. The good practice is establishment of partnership consulting company by several professionals. It takes some time to develop the portfolio and strength in the market. Once established, the consulting job can be paid much more than a regular job.

Still, there are many ways of being the business consultant, without leaving your job. You can do a part time consulting. You can issue books and manuals, printed or in electronical form and sell them. The very good way of presentation of your consulting services is through the web site. Your site gives you the possibility to explore consulting job opportunities beyond geographical boundaries.

Secondly, you can build you consulting portfolio outside of your main profession. This can be something that you do already, but is not your primarily profession. Find one your personal hobbies and develop them. Time invested in your personal development can pay you back many times, once you become consultant in your field of interest.


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