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Myself10 Laws of Friendship

Posted Sep 2012

What makes a good friendship? How to build and maintain a long time friendship?

New or long time friendship requires a certain form of behavior in order to preserve the long-life, so it is important to apply at least some of these ten laws of friendship so the final result is successful.

It is not easy to be a good friend, but anyone with a little effort can improve friendly skills. And here's how!


Ten Laws of Friendship

1.) Choose a person with whom you share the same or similar interests, but it is important not to judge new friends if it is not such a situation. It is important to remain open to everyone and not be inclined to convict.

2.) There is a golden rule, and everyone knows that is: Treat people around you in the way that you would like to be treated. . If you respect others, others will also respect you too.

3.) It is important to realize at the time that nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws. Acceptance of people with all his faults and virtues, is the right way to finding the perfect friendship.

4.) Respect the opinions of others.

5.) It takes time to realize that even your best friend may not be present with you at all times. Develop some of your interests that do not involve your friend and do not permit yourself to be jealous when you realize that your friend have other interests in life.

6.) Good communication is the key to everything. Your friend can not read minds. If something bothers you, and it is closely related in terms of friends, let him know.

7.) Do not let some external factors such as stress, impair friendship. A good friend will always listen to you and maybe suggest some good advice, but do not forget to do the same, when your friend finds himself in the same situation, we expect the same from you.

8.) Learn from each other.

9.) Do not gossip about friends and not spread information about him behind his back.

10.) Choose words wisely, because they never have the opportunity to withdraw after they have been told.


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