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MyselfTrusting Intuition

Posted Nov 2012

The intuition is very powerful and accurate weapon weapon. Research showed that volunteers showed right choice in 90 percent of choices during the test that required rapid conclusion and answering.

Making decisions is an inevitable part of human life and one of the most mysterious. For centuries, scientists are trying to figure out why people choose one way or another between the large number of choices, by believing that it is the best choice. Scientists are also trying to figure out the role play of instinct and intellect when making choices.
During a research professor Marius Usher at the University of Tel Aviv found that intuition is an incredibly powerful and accurate weapon. When they had to make a choice between two options relying only on instinct, volunteers have made the right choice in 90 percent of cases.

Even on an intuitive level, one of the most important parts of the decision-making process is the integration of values ​​and taking into account all positive and negative factors of each option in order to make a complete picture.

"Research has shown that people have an amazing ability to intuitively assess options, which leads to the conclusion that the brain has a system that specializes in valuation," said Usher.

The experiment consisted of rapid changes of the numbers on the right and left side of the monitor. Numbers are represented by gains on the stock market. Volunteers are supposed to select a group with a higher gain. Since the numbers are exchanged rapidly, the volunteers did not have time to remember and add up the amount of money obtained but they had to rely on instinct when making a decision.

Volunteers showed extraordinary instinctive ability computation and their accuracy are increased proportionally to the amount of information they had received.

When they were shown only six pairs of numbers, their precision dialing large amounts of money amounted to 65 percent, and when they were shown 24 pairs of numbers, the accuracy was 90 percent.

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