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MyselfWhat Do You Need To Know About a Workplace?

Posted Jan 2013

Most of us need a job, in order to earn for living. But is it worth to give yourself to job beyond the limits of decent living?

Job is something that most of the people need to have, simply as a mean of earning for living. This should be something completely normal, since it is hard to expect that you will get something in life without giving something in return. The problem starts with the fact that job usually does not have a clear border, since it penetrates into private life in any possible way.

Working hours last longer than they should. Our Blackberry buzzes even when we are home. Our boss is calling and sms-ing even during the weekend. Our work colleagues pretend to be our friends. Company's result is the most important thing in the world, even if your reward is not proportional. So where does it all leads?

Basically, all this makes you burn your time, health, energy, leaving you as an empty shell without private life. Is there any hope for us?

It is very difficult to make instant turnaround of life-work philosophy. Still, we can improve it at least through period of time. To do that you need to understand and consciously accept the fact about real nature of our workplace.


Young People Are Ready to do Anything for Their Job

It is true that young employees are enthusiastic and ready to push to the limits. This is the product of lack of experience and wish to achieve something. The truth is that if you push too hard from the beginning than you will over burn and exhaust yourself soon. The job is the lifetime marathon, not the 100 meters sprint. The companies like young sprinters, that get replaced once they are burned out. Do not let yourself to be burned out fast. Try to shape up your working profile as marathon man, persistent, constant and steady.


Workplace Colleague is Not Your Friend

Despite you are in interaction with the colleagues, every day for long hours, do not let them become your friends. Simply they can not be friends, because motives are not the same as motives between real friends. Same stand for real friends. Never allow them to become work colleagues, since you will change the motives of relationships. Never borrow the money to the workplace colleague of create any debtors relationship, since it will affect the professional relationship. Distinguish the workplace colleagues from friends and family.


No Job is Worth of Health and Life

Despite the fact that job is supposed to be the part of the life, in many cases the life becomes the part of the job. This is wrong concept caused by the demand of the job and willingness of employees to comply with that demand. The job demand must be satisfied to reasonable extend, but there should be a limit. You need to establish your own limit and be able to defend it. If the demand of your job is stronger than your ability to protect that limit, maybe you should change your job! You have a one life, do not waste it. Do not ruin your health because of ambitions of your job.


Choose Job According to Your Needs and Shape Needs According to Your Job

... but in accordance with your own capacity. This means that more you earn, the more you will spend. But if earning more is burning you up, you should adjust your needs according the incomes that you can provide. If you can not keep up with demands of your job, choose another less paid, less demanding your job. It is not worth to spend whole time and energy of your life just to drive expensive car. Try to choose income that will provide you moderate car but more private time and energy for fruitful and enjoyable life. Do not make yourself sick from your own life because job that is draining you beyond limit.  



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