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Posted Jun 2009

What are the definition of hypnosis? What is the difference between hypnotherapy and popular beliefs about it?

The Hypnosis is often understood as a method of hypnotist manipulation of some person. Until a certain extent it is true; the hypnotist is influencing the person being hypnotized. But in fact the control of hypnotist over hypnotized person is not ultimate. The hypnotist is more guide than somebody in control.

Firstly, it is necessary to understand what is the hypnosis. The definition of hypnosis says that it is the bypass of conscious mind filters and establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

The hypnosis is heightened state of awareness. During the hypnosis, the body is relaxed and eyes are closed. It is possible to feel some bodily sensations like absolute relaxation and sense of detachment from the body or floating. It is possible to feel warmth. The body can be felt as heavy or a very light. All these sensations are pleasant.

To be in suggestible state means to be amore aware. This is why hypnotized person cannot be forced or tricked by hypnotist into things that he/she does not agree. Nothing can go wrong for hypnotized person. The worst thing that can happen is that person fall asleep during the hypnosis.

How the hypnosis state looks like? Do you ever experience hypnosis state? Actually yes. If you ever daydream ( who doesn’t, at least sometimes in the life ?) you are entering the state of complete focus on your daydream, but are still aware of your surrounding. Another type of hypnosis is driver's hypnosis. If you drive with known route, focused on your thoughts, you can suddenly find yourself arrived at your destination, without noticing how quickly you arrived. This happens since you are highly focused on your thoughts.

Guided hypnosis is technically different. The hypnotist is guiding the person, gradually from relaxation to suggestions to subconscious mind. But still the hypnotized person is aware of whole process, since it is focused on all instructions given by hypnotherapist. The hypnotized person in influenced by hypnosis, but is aware and focused all time. At same time the hypnotized person cannot be forced to do something that is against his safety or moral attitudes. This is simply because the person hypnotized is aware of whole process. Hypnotist cannot force a person to adopt a new idea unless the hypnotized person agrees.

There are many popular beliefs about hypnosis and effects. These beliefs are caused by movies, magazines or even some hypnotists who wants to bring some theatrical effects. But at the end the hypnotist is only facilitator of the process, while hypnotized person is the one who need to agree on a given suggestions in order to have them effect on a subconscious mind.

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