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MyselfFeel the Biorhythm

Posted Jul 2009

By using the Biorhythm you can predict a good period to start a new business or to quit smoking. You can estimate how well aligned you are with your partner. By using the biorhythm you can explain yourself why you felt so bad during the last week.

Everything started with the breakfast. You spilled your morning coffee. Then you hardly managed to get to the bus. When you entered the bus you realized that you forgot your wallet at your home. Of course, the bus controller was not in your favor. At work everything was wrong. You had a fight with your boss and felt tired after only one hour. Do you recognize this pattern of events? Did you asked yourself why is this happening?

The explanation for this can be the theory of biorhythm. The answer is very simple. The biorhythm phase is similar with the tide. The biorhythm has its ups and downs. Our inner biorhythm is deciding how we will feel and react on three levels: physical, intellectual and emotional.

These biorhythm cycles have the beginning of the cycle at the moment of birth. Period of physical cycle has 23 days. The intellectual lasts for 33 days, while emotionally cycle lasts for 28 days. Every one of these three cycles has three phases. Positive, negative and critical phase. The biorhythm phasing has a shape of sinusoid curve, where the positive period is the period of function growth, while the negative period is the period of curve descending. The critical period is the moment of switching between positive and negative phases.

Actually, biorhythm is not the tool for predicting the future, but consulting the biorhythm you can estimate how would be your reaction to the specific period. The positive period can be in your favor. For example, positive emotional biorhythm enable you the optimism, serenity and positive emotions. During the negative emotional phase you feel nervous, irritable and pessimist. During the critical day, when the two phases shift from one to another, you can be in very bad mood, confused and neurotic. When all three cycles overlap in the same rhythm that day can be unforgivable, either as good or bad.

In order to have correct insight to your behavior you need to track all three cycles combined. Positive physical cycle can give you wish for action, but if you emotional cycle is in critical phase, than you action may bio without proper motivation or you will not know what to do with yourself. When all three cycles are positive you should not have the problems.

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