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Multiple Income Streams

What are the Multiple Income Streams? What do you need to build multiple income streams? Does having Multiple Income Streams means proportional multiplication of efforts?

The goal of the most of the people is to become financially stabile, wealthy or rich. Unless you are born rich, it will take some time and effort to build your wealth. You will need to do various things, in order to build your wealth. One of the proven methods of becoming wealthy is the building of Multiple Income Streams.
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Making Progress To Your Goal

What is necessary to do in order to reach the goal? What should you do to overcome obstacles?

Whole life is made of things that we need to do and the obstacles that we meet on our way. A child learns to walk gradually. The baby first learns to crawl, then it tries to lean on the legs and finally starts the first steps. The same stands for almost every situation in our life; school, university, sport, at work, marriage and family, etc. The whole life is made of tasks and obstacles that make our life difficult. But that's life, and we should accept it as it is. We can make our life easier by accepting the concept of life ( tasks and obstacles ) and by applying several simple strategies.
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Secret Energy of Pyramids

What effect pyramid power is creating? The pyramid energy can create different effects. Mostly if it is properly used it is providing positive effect on living creatures or objects. If an object is placed in the pyramid after a period of time they are being affected by the energy of the pyramid.

Pyramids always amazed people, especially Egyptian pyramids. People always wandered how were they constructed with primitive technology of the time their building. People wandered why these construction have pyramid shape, somewhat different in size, from one to another, but with the same proportion. People wandered is the only function of the pyramids to be a burial place of pharaohs or something even more.
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Wakefulness, Dreams and Hypnosis

During the sleep state our mind is below conscious level of wakefulness. The exception are periods of dreaming, which we are often aware of. Even more, it is possible to train the mind to achieve the lucid state of dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a dream where the subject is aware of a dream...
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About Meditation Techniques

Meditation is an Active process that calms down your mind. By applying the meditation techniques, your brain temporarily "detach" from every day's pressure and "attach" to your inner oasis of calmness. Even if you meditate for only a few minutes a day, you will acquire astonishing ability to cope with your life. You will be able to develop consciousness about your inner being.
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Financial Wisdom

Financial wisdom is not measured by the amount that you earn but with the amount that you keep and reinvest. Financial wisdom is measured by making your money work for you instead you work for the money.
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"Ask Not What Can You Do For Your Country, But Ask What Your Country Can Do for You"

- Megadeth -

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