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braincastBrainCast Self Improvement

Download Your Self Improvement Braincast


My BrainCast self improvement program contains brainwave stimulating sounds and visuals, that helps you to achieve desired brainwave state, required for your self improvement.

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What is My BrainCast?

My BrainCast is a range of self improvement programs that combine the sound and visual stimulans that enable your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual rejuvenation and development.

Sound stimulants are transmitting specially tailored binaural beat frequencies that tune your brainwaves to desired level.

  • Delta frequencies ( 0,5-4Hz ) brings deep sleep and healingMy BrainCast

  • Theta frequencies ( 4-8Hz ) are stimulating deep relaxation and meditation

  • Alpha frequencies ( 8-12Hz) are supporting creativity, relaxation and visualization

  • Beta frequencies ( 12-30Hz ) are increases alertness and concentration for active performance during work, sport or other activity

  • Gamma frequencies ( >30Hz ) are highest frequencies that push your performance to the highest limits

Visual stimulants are ( optional ) addition to sound stimulants that enhance the base effect of binaural beat frequencies.


My-BrainCast Mp3My BrainCast Benefits:

  • Relaxation

  • Health Improvement

  • Self Improvement

  • Sleeping

  • Healing

  • Focus / Concentration

  • Sport

  • Intuition Development

  • Spiritual Growth



What is the Difference between My-BrainCast self improvement programs and other programs in the market?

- My BrainCast provides videocasts, not only audiocasts
- My BrainCast Solution combination of videocast and audiocast prevents adaptation to the program and helps continuation in progress of the therapy
- My BrainCast provide the wide range of solution packs, that are tailored for different purposes and different levels of development complexity.

My Braincast Mp3+Mp4

What Do You Need to do to achieve the experience and benefits of My BrainCast programs?

- Mp3 media player for Audiocats programs, with use of stereo headphones
- Mp4 media player for Videocast programs, with use of stereo headphones
- PDF reader for reading instruction manuals



BrainCast Relaxation Are you tired of being tired? It is a waste of life to be constantly tired.

Change your life now and learn how to relax.



Mandala Meditation Meditation is not some mystique ritual reserved for monks on some isolated mountain. Even you can learn how to meditate very quickly.

Learn ancient Mandala Meditation thanks to the unique combination of Mandalas and Binaural Beats Technology.



Deep Sleep We spend a good part of our life by sleeping. Are we sure that we use this time in a best way? Could our sleep be better?

Lets improve our life by giving it more energy that will take us throughtout the whole day.



Energy Booster Braincast Energy makes us move around and helps us to accomplish our goals. Ultimate energy source is desire of everyone. We could always benefit from more energy in order to power our mind and body.

Grab your power source now! Get the Energy Booster and be ready to switch to higher gear.




Braincast Personal Development Solutions














Natural Healing   Stress Relief
Universal Harmony   Sleep Induction
Pyramid Meditation   True Focus
Creative Genius   Quick Refresher

Check for the new My-BrainCast personal development solutions soon. Design your improvement plan by choosing My-Braincast development programs. Begin your personal transformation toward desired goal.

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My BrainCast
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